13 Best Cheap Ukuleles (2023) That Actually Don't Suck (2023)

Ukuleles have grown in popularity over the past few years, and it’s not hard to see why.

They are relatively cheap and easy to learn, making them an ideal instrument for beginners and children.

A ukulele is an excellent choice whether you’re looking to add a new hobby to your life, teach your kids how to play music, or want to have a little fun.

Shopping for an inexpensive ukulele may be tricky, particularly if you have a small budget.

Thus, we’ve created this ultimate guide that provides excellent options at pocket-friendly prices – all under $100!

Our specialists have thoroughly researched the market to identify the top picks that offer unbeatable quality and playability without sacrificing your wallet.

No matter your level of expertise – whether you’ve been playing for years or are just starting – we have something here to suit everyone.

We offer a selection of sizes, styles, and tones ranging from soprano to baritone. So please grab a chair, get yourself some coffee, and explore our top 13 picks for the best cheap ukuleles under $100!

Table of Contents

  • Best Cheap Ukeleles Under $100
    • Luna Guitars Tattoo Concert Ukulele
    • Kala KA-15S Soprano Ukulele
    • Fender Grace VanderWaal Moonlight Soprano Ukulele
    • Kala KA-P Soprano Ukulele Bundle
    • Alvarez RU26T Tenor Ukulele
    • Cordoba 15CM Ukulele
    • Fender Venice Soprano Ukulele
    • AKLOT Tenor Ukulele
    • Lohanu Ukulele Tenor Size Bundle
    • Kala KA-S Soprano Ukulele
    • Kmise KMU30B Baritone Ukulele
    • Ranch Concert Ukulele
    • Hricane UKSS-03 Tenor Ukulele
  • How do I determine the best cheap ukulele for me?
  • Are all under $100 ukuleles the same quality?
  • What should I look for in a cheap ukulele to ensure it is of good quality?
  • Can I still learn to play the ukulele if I purchase a budget one?
  • How long does a cheap ukulele last?

Best Cheap Ukeleles Under $100

Luna Guitars Tattoo Concert Ukulele

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Unique design, mahogany warmth and clarity.

The Luna Guitars Tattoo Concert ukulele features a concert-sized laminated mahogany body, rosewood fretboard, and mother-of-pearl inlays for a unique look and feel. Its open-gear tuning machines and rosewood bridge provide reliable and responsive tuning, while its mahogany body produces a rich warmth and crisp twang. A fundamental gig bag is included.

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The Luna Guitars Tattoo Concert ukulele offers a unique, budget-friendly look and feels that stand out from the crowd. Its full-sized concert body is made with satin-finished laminated mahogany.

It is reinforced by the solid C-shaped neck crafted with rosewood fretboard and 18 frets, accented by mother-of-pearl inlays shaped like shark teeth.

The open-gear tuning machines with pearloid buttons are reliable and responsive, while the rosewood bridge and graphite nut provide additional stability.

This ukulele has a great sound for its price – a rich warmth resonates through the mahogany while maintaining a crisp twang for clarity.

Although quieter than other models on the market, it is perfect for practice or small performances. Included is a fundamental gig bag to stow away your new instrument when unused.

  • Pros:
    • Unique design.
    • Full-sized body.
    • Stable tuning.
  • Cons:
    • Quieter sound.
    • No hard case.

My final verdict is that the Luna Guitars Tattoo Concert ukulele is an excellent choice for those on a budget, offering a unique aesthetic and great sound quality.

It has reliable tuning machines, a stable bridge and nut, and a gig bag to store the instrument when not in use.

Perfect for small performances or practice, it is a great option for ukulele enthusiasts.

Kala KA-15S Soprano Ukulele

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Affordable, quality mahogany ukulele with great sound.

The KA-15S ukulele from Kala is a great budget model for beginners and experienced players alike. It boasts a mahogany body with a rosewood or walnut fretboard, GraphTech NuBone saddle and Aquila Super Nylgut strings, giving it a warm, clear sound and good projection.

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Shopping for a good quality ukulele that won’t break the bank is challenging.

Fortunately, the KA-15S soprano from Kala is one of the most popular budget models among both beginners and experienced players.

The body of this instrument measures 21 inches in length and is made from impressive mahogany wood topped with a satin finish for an aesthetically pleasing look.

The neck features 12 silver nickel frets on either rosewood or walnut fretboard, which make playing it comfortable and fun.

At the bridge, there’s a GraphTech NuBone saddle along with a NuBone nut which helps produce consistent sound across different notes.

Furthermore, it comes equipped with Aquila Super Nylgut strings, an industry standard for many ukuleles.

This instrument offers clear, bright tones and can provide plenty of warmth, given its mahogany construction.

It might not be the loudest around, but considering its price range, it gives a pretty good projection.

  • Pros:
    • High-quality materials.
    • Comfortable playing.
    • Clear, bright tones.
  • Cons:
    • Not very loud.

My final verdict is that the KA-15S soprano from Kala is a great option for those on a budget.

It features an aesthetically pleasing design made from mahogany wood, a GraphTech NuBone saddle, Aquila Super Nylgut strings, and a rosewood or walnut fretboard.

It produces clear, bright tones with a good amount of warmth and adequate projection.

Fender Grace VanderWaal Moonlight Soprano Ukulele

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Beautiful design, beginner-friendly, stage-ready.

The Fender Grace VanderWaal Moonlight soprano ukulele boasts a luxurious aesthetic and sound quality that belies its budget-friendly price. Its mahogany body and walnut neck, fretboard, and bridge provide an attractive navy blue and gold design, while its Fender California Coast clear nylon strings offer a bright overall tone. Additionally, its custom floral soundhole label adds a unique touch to this beginner-friendly instrument.

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The Fender Grace VanderWaal Moonlight soprano ukulele is a lovely-looking little instrument with visuals that make it appear more luxurious than its affordable price tag would suggest.

It features a mahogany body in a navy-blue color with a gold sparkle rosette, cream binding, and a satin finish.

The nato neck is painted navy blue with cream binding and features a walnut fretboard with 16 frets and dot inlays, plus Grace’s signature in gold on the headstock.

It has open-geared tuning machines which are gold colored to tie together the design elements and comes with a walnut pull-through bridge, bone nut, and saddle.

Lending further to the visual appeal of this instrument, it also has a custom floral soundhole label depicting the album artwork of Grace’s debut album, Just the Beginning.

Despite being an instrument intended primarily for beginners, it stage ready for players of various skill levels.

The Fender California Coast clear nylon strings give it a bright overall tone; while occasionally lacking harmonic clarity when playing more complex voicings, it typically captures common things nicely across ranges.

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  • Pros:
    • Affordable price.
    • Luxurious visuals.
    • Stage ready.
  • Cons:
    • Lack harmonic clarity.
    • Primarily for beginners.

My final verdict is that the Fender Grace VanderWaal Moonlight soprano ukulele is an excellent instrument for beginners and more experienced players alike.

It has beautiful visuals and a bright, clear tone that captures common voicings nicely, and most of you would really like this one as well.

Kala KA-P Soprano Ukulele Bundle

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Simple design, Aquila strings, instructional DVD included.

This mahogany ukulele offers an uncomplicated look and upgraded Aquila Super Nylgut strings for easier tuning and less stretchiness. Experienced players may find this model too austere and tuning can still be challenging even with the upgraded strings.

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This ukulele has a sleek exterior featuring a mahogany body and no etchings, giving it a relatively uncomplicated look.

It is equipped with upgraded Aquila Super Nylgut strings that offer less stretchiness and enables easier tuning to be maintained for prolonged periods.

Additionally, the instrument contains cream binding and a walnut fingerboard.

When buying this ukulele, there are two packages available. The first package includes only a gig bag, while the other option consists of the gig bag and an additional hard carrying case.

It was apparent opting for the latter increases the price above its pre-set mark of one hundred dollars.

The best features offered by this ukulele are that it comes with an instructional DVD.

These long-lasting strings can easily be replaced when needed, are easy to tune due to their robustness against stretching, and offer an attractive gig bag at a low cost.

On the flip side, experienced players may need help getting accustomed to this model as it could prove too austere for their needs.

Furthermore, some people argue that there is more value in spending more money on the second package, which provides users with both a gig bag and a hard carrying case.

Finally, many find tuning can sometimes be complicated or challenging despite being generally more straightforward than other instruments.

  • Pros:
    • Long-lasting strings.
    • Easy to tune.
    • Instructional DVD.
  • Cons:
    • Expensive package.
    • Challenging to tune.
    • Too austere for experienced players.

My final verdict is that this ukulele is a great option for beginners looking for a low-cost instrument with long lasting strings, an instructional DVD, and a gig bag.

Experienced players may find it too austere for their needs, and they may need to purchase the second package to get a hard carrying case.

Tuning can sometimes be challenging, but overall it is an easy instrument to tune.

Alvarez RU26T Tenor Ukulele

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Great tone, affordable price, quality components.

The RU26T tenor ukulele from Alvarez’s Regent Series offers a great combination of a warm mahogany body and a balanced sound due to fan bracing on top, all in a budget-friendly package. It features a longer 26″ body, 18 frets, a rosewood fretboard, black ABS binding, chrome tuning machines, rosewood bridge, and Aquila Nylgut strings.

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As part of the Regent Series from Alvarez Guitars, players can choose from various acoustic guitars, classical guitars, and ukuleles that offer advanced quality at an unbeatable prices.

The RU26T tenor ukulele is a great example, and it’s no wonder it’s made its way onto our list of the best ukuleles under $100.

The RU26T features a length of 26″ and a body size perfect for those with slightly larger hands.

Additionally, its rosewood fretboard contains 18 frets (14 in the clear), allowing players to play with more depth in the registers.

It has an incredibly sturdy mahogany neck with a satin finish that offers superb playability.

Its exterior is also worth noting – classic acoustic guitar pairing of spruce on top and mahogany on the back and sides, plus a sparkly pearloid soundhole rosette, black ABS binding, and chrome tuning machines complete with black tuning buttons give it an excellent high-end look.

The RU26T is solely acoustic, so there are no electronics, but it does come equipped with some suitable components that make this budget instrument feel much more expensive than its price tag would suggest.

A rosewood bridge is fitted with a natural bone saddle and nut, while Aquila Nylgut strings provide the tones necessary for this entry-level ukulele.

The result is a warm tone thanks to the mahogany coupled with a balanced sound that surpasses other soprano or concert ukes due to fan bracing on top for extra strength and better projection.

  • Pros:
    • Sleek design.
    • High-quality materials.
    • Competitive price.
  • Cons:
    • No electronics.

My final verdict is that the Alvarez RU26T tenor ukulele is an excellent choice for those looking to purchase an affordable yet high-quality instrument.

With its rosewood fretboard and mahogany neck, plus its spruce and mahogany body, it offers excellent playability and a warm, balanced sound.

The chrome tuning machines and Aquila Nylgut strings provide further assurance of its high-end appeal.

Cordoba 15CM Ukulele

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An exquisite ukulele at an affordable price.

The Cordoba 15CM Ukulele is a concert-style ukulele crafted from layered mahogany with abalone rosette and pearloid dot inlays for luxurious aesthetics. This lightweight uke is perfect for beginner and advanced players, boasting a slim C-shaped neck, 19 frets, and Aquila Nylon strings that deliver a loud and well-balanced sound with clarity of articulation.

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The Cordoba 15CM Ukulele has been crafted as a premium instrument since 1997 and is one of the brand’s bestselling models.

This tiny, concert-style ukulele is the perfect entry point into the world of ukuleles for beginners and advanced players.

The 15CM features a 24.21″ body with an 11″ frame and is constructed from layered mahogany, bound with cream ABS plastic and fan interior bracing for improved projection and tonal range.

Alongside this, stylish touches such as an abalone rosette surrounding the soundhole and silver pearl button tuners add to its luxurious aesthetics that belie its sub-$100 price tag.

Comfort and portability are key selling points for this uke due to its lightweight construction, which ensures it fits comfortably in the player’s arms.

Furthermore, its slim C-shaped neck boasts 19 frets on a composite fingerboard decorated with pearloid dot inlays at the fifth, seventh, tenth, and twelfth frets – making it easier to play along the entire length of the instrument.

All hardware includes a composite bridge, saddle, and nut, while you can expect further impressive intonation stability across the fretboard after a small amount of initial string stretching.

However, though it favors treble range over depth and projection, this guitar still produces a loud and well-balanced sound that will blow away expectations.

This clarity of articulation carries through Aquila Nylon strings that offer glassy smoothness without any shrillness or bite higher up on the neck, where chords blend nicely, creating a shimmering effect when strummed – If desired.

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However, you may benefit from taking your ukulele to a professional setup specialist to maximize playability due to its reasonably high out-of-the-box action – especially on upper frets.

  • Pros:
    • Premium craftsmanship.
    • Great for beginners.
    • Affordable price.
  • Cons:
    • High action.
    • Treble biased.
    • Needs setup.

My final verdict is that the Cordoba 15CM Ukulele is an excellent entry-level instrument for beginners and advanced players alike that is both comfortable and portable.

It has great intonation stability, a well-balanced sound, and a luxurious aesthetic that belies its price tag.

The only drawback is that it might require a professional setup to maximize playability.

Fender Venice Soprano Ukulele

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Lightweight, durable, Telecaster-style ukulele.

This soprano ukulele is made from lightweight basswood with an iconic Telecaster style headstock and walnut fingerboard, making it an ideal choice for beginners and experienced players alike. The no-tie bridge and open-back geared tuner make string changes and tuning simple, and with plenty of color options, you can choose something to match your style.

13 Best Cheap Ukuleles (2023) That Actually Don't Suck (7)

This particular soprano-sized ukulele is an excellent instrument for beginners and seasoned veterans of the craft.

It is lightweight at only 0.16 ounces and compact, measuring 30 x 15 x 6 inches.

The body is made from laminated basswood that offers enhanced durability, making it unlikely to be damaged through regular use.

The no-tie bridge makes it easy to change strings when needed, and the iconic Telecaster style headstock alongside the walnut fingerboard provides superior comfort when playing.

Additionally, the open-back geared tuner adds another element of convenience to this beautiful instrument.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the purchase of this device does not come with any accessories or a warranty.

However, its lightweight design and straightforward string replacement process make up for what it lacks in perks.

Plus, you have plenty of color options if you’d like something more visually appealing!

  • Pros:
    • Lightweight & Compact.
    • Durability & Comfort.
    • Convenient Tuner.
  • Cons:
    • No accessories.

My final verdict is that this soprano-sized ukulele is an ideal instrument for both beginner and experienced players, due to its lightweight design, durable construction, comfortable feel, and convenient features.

Even though it does not come with accessories or a warranty, its overall value makes up for what it lacks in perks.

AKLOT Tenor Ukulele

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Solid mahogany ukulele with free lessons and accessories.

This Tenor Ukulele from Aklot offers a quality sound and design, perfect for entry-level players. Crafted from solid mahogany and featuring Aquila strings, 18:1 premium tuner machine, and pure copper gears, its tones improve over time and will stay in tune for extended periods. Plus, the starter kit includes a tuner, strap, picks, a gig bag, and an extra set of strings, plus a money-back guarantee within 45 days.

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The AKLOT Tenor Ukulele is a unique musical instrument crafted with precision.

It offers an ideal solution for beginners who want to find a quality instrument without investing too much money. Plus, they even offer free online lessons as part of the package.

The construction of this uke is made out of solid mahogany that has more excellent durability than laminated ukuleles and provides a more prosperous, cleaner sound in the long run.

As it ages, its tones will also improve and become more beautiful. It has been built with an 18:1 premium tuner machine, pure copper gears, and Aquila strings that ensure the lines stretch correctly and stay well-tuned for extended periods.

Moreover, its design features a rounded edge, making playing it much easier and enjoyable for those with little experience or skillset.

The starter kit you will receive upon purchase includes a tuner, strap, picks, a gig bag, and an extra set of strings.

It weighs only 3.09 pounds making it relatively lightweight compared to other models within this price range – perfect for traveling with or taking anywhere quickly.

Some people have even claimed it to be the best ukulele under $100!

Here are some pros to owning one of these particular ukuleles: attractive design; solid mahogany soundboard; a complete set of accessories included; plus a money-back guarantee within 45 days if needed.

The only con we could find was that it might require tuning often, but this should not be an issue if you follow the instruction manuals correctly!

  • Pros:
    • Attractive design.
    • Solid mahogany soundboard.
    • Complete set of accessories.
  • Cons:
    • Tuning often needed.

My final verdict is that the AKLOT Tenor Ukulele is a great option for beginners looking to purchase a quality instrument with a solid mahogany soundboard and a complete set of accessories at an affordable price.

Additionally, the free online lessons and money-back guarantee make it even more attractive.

The only downside is that it may require frequent tuning, but as long as you follow the instructions properly, this should not be an issue.

Lohanu Ukulele Tenor Size Bundle

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Complete beginner ukulele bundle with quality components and extras.

This Lohanu Bundle Kit is a great starter package for beginning ukulele players, containing a beautiful laminate sapele and mahogany ukulele with 18-fret rosewood fretboard, plus all necessary hardware and extras such as strings, picks, straps, gig bags, and more. The arched-back design offers increased sustain and clarity of sound, and free video lessons and a lifetime warranty make it an unbeatable value.

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When first starting on an instrument, one of the most beneficial investments for a beginner is a starter package.

The Lohanu Bundle Kit is an outstanding choice and provides everything needed to start playing immediately.

The ukulele is composed of laminate sapele and mahogany for the body, sides, and neck with cream binding, making it a beautifully attractive instrument. On top of this, the 18-fret rosewood fretboard offers different tones.

The setup also comes with chrome-plated strap buttons and die-cast tuning machines so you can start immediately.

Not only does it come with all essential hardware, but it also includes extras to make sure you are set up for success.

An assortment of picks, strings, paracord hangers, straps, and gig bags is part of the package.

Plus, there’s access to free video lessons and an unconditional lifetime warranty on everything included in the kit – fantastic value!

When playing the ukulele, you will be pleased with its tone. It produces well-defined notes without any dead spots along the neck and full and rich chords.

This arched-back design – usually only found in more expensive models – increases sustain and clarity of sound

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Even with more petite soprano or concert sizes, you may still experience some volume loss due to the nature of those sizes, but the overall sound quality is just excellent.

So whether it’s soprano, concert, or tenor size that you’re after when starting your journey on an instrument, the Lohanu Bundle Kit certainly ticks off all boxes, making it an excellent bundle option for beginners!

  • Pros:
    • Beautiful design.
    • Free video lessons.
    • Lifetime warranty.
  • Cons:
    • Smaller size volume.
    • No cons mentioned.

My final verdict is that the Lohanu Bundle Kit is an excellent starter package for beginners.

With its attractive design, beautiful tone, and extras included, it’s an unbeatable value for anyone looking to learn the ukulele.

Kala KA-S Soprano Ukulele

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Solid, crystal-clear sound for under $100!

The Kala KA-S Soprano Ukulele is a great value ukulele made from mahogany and fitted with an Aquila Nylgut string set, Graphtec NuBone nut and saddle, and Silver Nickel Frets. Its compact size and attractive satin finish make it ideal for travel and storage, although no accessories are included.

13 Best Cheap Ukuleles (2023) That Actually Don't Suck (10)

The Kala KA-S Soprano Ukulele is a fantastic instrument for the price point.

It’s made from mahogany and features a genuine Aquila Nylgut string set, making it wonderfully responsive to any playing.

The sound that comes out of it is complete, warm, and highly impressive.

It is perfect for any level of musician: From beginners who are just learning how to play to experienced professionals looking for an excellent travel uke without breaking the bank.

Its compact size makes it easy to transport and store away when not in use.

It has an attractive satin finish which gives it a unique look; a cream-binding body to protect the edges; geared tuners that ensure superior tuning stability; Graphtec NuBone nut and saddle; and Silver Nickel Frets – all coming together to craft an incredible sounding experience.

This is an ideal ukulele for anyone looking for quality under $100 – from those just starting with the instrument or those seeking additional options for their collection.

You can’t go wrong with this fantastic tone, solid wood body, and crystal-clear sound!

The only downside is that you don’t get any free accessories included with your purchase.

  • Pros:
    • Solid wood body.
    • Crystal-clear sound.
    • Compact size.
  • Cons:
    • No free accessories.

My final verdict is that the Kala KA-S Soprano Ukulele is an excellent instrument for its price range, offering fantastic quality and sound.

It’s perfect for any level of musician, is easy to transport, and has a unique, attractive look.

The only downside is that there are no free accessories included.

Kmise KMU30B Baritone Ukulele

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Premium mahogany, adjustable action, great value.

The KMU30B baritone Ukulele by Kmise provides great sound and looks at an unbeatable price. Perfect for any skill level, this ukulele is a great deal for anyone looking for a budget-friendly instrument.

13 Best Cheap Ukuleles (2023) That Actually Don't Suck (11)

KMU30B baritone Ukulele by Kmise – Best Baritone Ukulele for the Price The KMU30B is an upgraded version of Kmise’s mahogany series.

This ukulele is made from high-grade mahogany, giving it a stunning look and a warm, harmonious sound.

It is perfect for those looking to buy a budget-friendly ukulele; since it comes with extra accessories in the bundle, you’ll be ready to start your ukulele journey immediately!

This uke has fantastic features that stand out all its own. It has adjustable action and a compensated saddle that dramatically improves intonation, allowing you to play perfectly in tune every time.

In addition, the instrument’s body is made of premium mahogany wood, providing excellent resonance and tone warmth.

On top of that, this baritone model comes with premium metallic and nylon strings as well as 18:1 geared tuners to ensure your tuning stays put longer.

Playing this instrument feels comfortable regardless of skill level due to its low action and adjustable truss rod, allowing precise adjustment to get the right feel for your hands.

With minor repairs to any sharp edges on the fretboard, you will surely enjoy playing this beautiful little uke for years to come!

You won’t regret getting this Kmise 30-inch baritone – it’s got everything needed for quality sound at an unbeatable price.

The package includes additional accessories such as gig bags, strings, picks, tuner, and straps, meaning you needn’t worry about not having items ready before you start playing – you’re all set!

  • Pros:
    • High-grade mahogany.
    • Adjustable action.
    • 18:1 geared tuners.
  • Cons:
    • Sharp edges on fretboard.
    • No setup included.
    • No fretboard markers.

My final verdict is that the KMU30B baritone Ukulele by Kmise is an excellent choice for those looking to buy a budget-friendly ukulele.

It has great features such as adjustable action and a compensated saddle, as well as premium mahogany wood and premium strings.

It also comes with additional accessories such as a gig bag, strings, picks, tuner, and straps, making it an ideal choice for those starting their ukulele journey.

Ranch Concert Ukulele

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High-quality sound, accessories, and returnable.

The Ranch Concert Ukulele is an affordable option with useful accessories, 12 free online lessons, a cleaning cloth, and an additional set of strings. It also has a digital tuner for perfect pitch every time. However, it is heavier than most other ukuleles and the included tuner may be slightly off.

13 Best Cheap Ukuleles (2023) That Actually Don't Suck (12)

The Ranch Concert Ukulele is an excellent choice for both beginners and more experienced players alike.

It comes with plenty of useful accessories, including a striped fabric gig bag that’s perfect for transporting the ukulele and keeping it safe when you go out to play a live show.

Also included are 12 free online lessons, a cleaning cloth, and an additional set of strings. Plus, with its digital tuner, you’ll get the perfect pitch every time you take the stage.

What’s more? It’s reasonably priced, so you can stay within your budget to get high-quality sound.

And if you decide this instrument isn’t suitable for you, you can even return it for a full refund within 30 days.

However, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider before purchasing.

Namely, the device is heavier than most other options on the market, and the tuner may be slightly off, so buying an additional one may be necessary if you want perfect harmony from your sounds.

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  • Pros:
    • High-quality sound.
    • Reasonable price.
    • 30-day refund.
  • Cons:
    • Heavy device.
    • Inaccurate tuner.
    • Additional tuner needed.

My final verdict is that the Ranch Concert Ukulele is a great choice for both beginners and experienced players alike, as it is reasonably priced, comes with plenty of useful accessories, and has a 30-day return policy.

However, it is heavier than most other options and the tuner may be slightly off, so an additional one may be necessary to get perfect harmony.

Hricane UKSS-03 Tenor Ukulele

Check Price

Rich sound, arch-back design, lightweight and portable.

The Hricane UKSS-03 Tenor Ukulele offers a unique combination of impressive size, volume, and sound. Its arch-back design and hardwood body protect the instrument while providing enhanced sound quality. This uke is heavier than concert ukuleles yet lighter than acoustic guitars, making it an ideal choice for portability and sound.

13 Best Cheap Ukuleles (2023) That Actually Don't Suck (13)

The Hricane UKSS-03 Tenor Ukulele is famous for its impressive size, volume, and sound.

It has a body made of various hardwoods that help protect it against accidental bumps and bruises as you take it along your musical journey.

It’s also equipped with an arch-back design to maximize its sound quality while providing some visual appeal.

Other features include a strap with buttons (though the strap may be an additional purchase) plus a one-year warranty and money-back guarantee.

This instrument typically weighs heavier than concert ukuleles yet is still considerably lighter than acoustic guitars – making it an ideal pick for musicians seeking something more prominent in their sound without sacrificing portability.

Yet users should note that they may need to tune the uke often and may have to file down certain frets for them to play more quickly due to their sensitive nature.

However, this uke is still highly recommended for those wanting a fuller sound from their performance!

  • Pros:
    • Various hardwoods.
    • Arch-back design.
    • Strap & buttons.
  • Cons:
    • Tune often.
    • File down frets.
    • Strap may cost extra.

My final verdict is that the Hricane UKSS-03 Tenor Ukulele is an excellent choice for those looking for a fuller sound, while still offering portability.

It is made of durable materials, has an arch-back design to increase sound quality, and comes with a one-year warranty and money-back guarantee.

The only drawbacks are that users may need to tune the uke often and may have to file down certain frets for them to play more quickly due to their sensitive nature.

You can select some additional instruments from this video’s list of the best cheap ukuleles.

How do I determine the best cheap ukulele for me?

Determining the best cheap ukulele depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider the following factors when making your decision:

Size:Ukuleles come in various sizes, including soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone.

Soprano is the most standard size and is famous for its portability and traditional sound, while the more extensive concert, tenor, and baritone sizes have a more rounded, full sound.

Choose the size that feels comfortable for you and meets your playing needs.

Construction:Consider the materials used in the construction of the ukulele. Ukuleles can be made of different types of wood, such as mahogany, koa, and spruce, each with unique tonal characteristics.

Laminate wood is a standard option for cheap ukuleles, while solid wood is a more expensive option with better tonal quality.

Sound Quality:The sound quality of a ukulele is primarily determined by the quality of the construction, materials, and tuning. Look for a ukulele with good projection and clarity, and ensure that it stays in tune.

Brand Reputation:Consider the manufacturer’s brand reputation when choosing a cheap ukulele. Look for a brand with a history of producing high-quality instruments, and read customer reviews to get a sense of the brand’s overall performance.

Are all under $100 ukuleles the same quality?

No, not all cheap ukuleles are the same quality.

Some are made with lower-quality materials, poorly crafted, and poorly tuned, which results in a poor playing experience.

Therefore, it’s essential to research different options and read customer reviews to find a cheap ukulele that provides good value for its price.

This video will help you better to understand the differences between ukuleles within this price range:

Reviewing Amazon's Best Cheap Ukuleles For Beginners

What should I look for in a cheap ukulele to ensure it is of good quality?

When looking for a cheap ukulele of good quality, consider the following factors:

Solid construction:Look for a ukulele with solid body construction and a sturdy build. The ukulele should be well-constructed, with no signs of warping, cracks, or loose joints.

Good frets:Check the frets for smoothness and even spacing. The frets should not be too high or too low and should not buzz or rattle when played.

Good string tension:Look for a ukulele with good string tension. The strings should be tight enough to produce precise, full tones but not so tight that they are difficult to play.

Tuning pegs:The tuning pegs should be smooth and easy to turn and hold their tuning well.

Can I still learn to play the ukulele if I purchase a budget one?

You can still learn to play the ukulele with a cheap instrument.

Many beginner ukulele players start with a budget-friendly option, and then as they improve, they can upgrade to a higher-quality instrument.

A cheap ukulele can provide a good starting point for learning the basics of playing and building a foundation for future growth.

Altough I would still recommend you buy a higher quality option if your budget lets you do so.

How long does a cheap ukulele last?

The lifespan of a cheap ukulele depends on several factors, including the quality of the construction, the materials used, and how well it is cared for.

With proper care and maintenance, a cheap ukulele can last several years.

However, suppose you play frequently or plan to use the ukulele for live performances.

In that case, consider investing in a higher-quality instrument that can withstand the demands of regular use.


What is considered a cheap ukulele? ›

Ukulele Price Ranges​

Budget: Around $50. Beginner: $50 to $150. Mid-Level: $150 to $500. High-End: $500 and Up.

Does an expensive ukulele sound better? ›

You'll get a lot better overall quality, but the biggest difference will be the sound quality. Just like I talked about earlier, the wood tends to be higher quality. It's a premium cut, even if it's the same species. That makes the ukuleles warmer and richer in tone.

How can you tell if a ukulele is good quality? ›

As a general rule, a bigger body means a bigger tone. Concert and tenor size ukuleles tend to be warmer, richer, and more resonant than soprano ukes. The larger body sizes also produce more bass and volume. Sopranos are typically a little quieter and have more of a “tinkly” that is more treble-heavy.

Should you buy a cheap ukulele? ›

Ukuleles may not sound as vibrant as they should.

It is common for cheap ukuleles to have poor quality, which usually means that the tone of the instrument is sacrificed. In general, quality ukuleles are known to play with a bright, crisp sound. Cheap ukuleles, on the other hand, can sound lifeless and dull.

What is the easiest ukulele? ›

The Alvarez Regent Series RU22C is the ideal starter ukulele for many reasons. First and foremost, it has a fuller, louder sound than most ukes of its size. Second, as a concert-size uke, it's not too big for a kid to handle and not so small that adults can't fit their fingers between the frets.

What is the price of a good quality ukulele? ›

Amazon.in: ₹1,000 - ₹5,000 - Ukulele / String Instruments: Musical Instruments.

Which type of ukulele sounds the best? ›

The baritone ukulele has the deepest, fullest sound with the most low end, sounding similar to an acoustic guitar.

What are the 5 most common ukulele playing mistakes? ›

  • Strumming From The Elbow. Almost every beginner strums from the elbow. ...
  • Not Checking Notes. ...
  • Flat Fingers. ...
  • Not Keeping Your Strumming Arm Moving. ...
  • Tensing Up. ...
  • Bonus Tip: Tap Your Foot.
Aug 31, 2021

What to look out for when buying a ukulele? ›

Here are the things that you need to consider:
  • Ukulele Sizes.
  • Acoustic or Electric.
  • Price Range.
  • Craftsmanship.
  • Sound Quality.
  • Accessories.
  • Trusted Brand.
Jun 14, 2021

Do ukuleles get better with age? ›

Ukuleles with solid wood tops may sound better with age, but laminate top ukuleles will not. Solid wood tops can “open up”, leading to increased volume and tonal improvements. This process is gradual and can take many years, and it is impacted by the species of tonewood used in the ukulele.

How much should I spend on my first ukulele? ›

In general, you should expect to spend between $50 and $150 on your first ukulele, and take the time to look for a trusted brand. Brands like Lanikai and Cordoba are known for their relatively inexpensive instruments for those who are entering their first round of ukulele basics. Ukuleles come in many shapes and sizes.

What are the disadvantages of ukulele? ›

Ukulele Cons
  • Harder to play for those with large hands.
  • Smaller range of tone.
  • Less options for lessons.

How do you keep a cheap ukulele in tune? ›

Stretch your strings to improve tuning stability

Stretch the first string by grabbing it in the middle and gently pulling straight up four or five times. You don't need to be timid, but don't lift the string much further than half an inch off the fretboard. Repeat the process for the other three strings. Retune the uke.

What ukulele do Hawaiians use? ›

Often referred to as the “Martin Guitars” of ukulele, Kamaka are prized for their adherence to the traditional style of building that began in Hawaiʻi in the late 19th century and into the early 20th century.

What is the oldest ukulele brand? ›

Kamaka is the oldest and most storied of the four K's, established in 1916 when Samuel Kaialiilii Kamaka began making ukuleles and guitars in the basement workshop of his Honolulu home.

What is the most versatile ukulele? ›

Tenor: Larger still in size and volume, tenors are arguably the most versatile member of the ukulele family. Sporting up to 19 frets, a tenor can do everything a concert can, and then some.

What is the most difficult ukulele chord? ›

The E major chord on ukulele is infamous for being the hardest chord to play on ukulele. If you're a beginner and this was too difficult, don't be discouraged.

What is the hardest ukulele to play? ›

G6 Ukulele Chord: The Hardest Ukulele Chord.

Which ukulele is most like a guitar? ›

Unlike the other three sizes (soprano, concert, tenor) a baritone ukulele is tuned exactly like the top four strings of a guitar: D-G-B-E. In other words, a baritone ukulele is like a guitar without the two lowest strings (E and A).

Who has the number 1 expensive ukulele in the world? ›

Now in Myanmar, our country, a ukulele decorated with doodle arts,made by a Myanmar musician named Kyar Pauk (Han Htoo Lwin) has just been the highest bid (27500$) at an auction sale. All the money from this auction will be donated to our revolution against the junta from Myanmar.

What is the most commonly played ukulele? ›

The Soprano ukulele is probably the most common ukulele and probably the instrument you think of when you picture a ukulele in your mind. A soprano ukulele makes that traditional 'plinky' sound as it is a shorter scale and has a shallower body so the sound has less chance to resonate.

Are bigger ukuleles better? ›

It stands to reason that as you play a bigger instrument, it's going to have a louder volume, more resonance as well as better projections of lower frequencies. That's why larger ukuleles have more of a 'bassy' tone.

Which ukulele gets out of tune more often? ›

Intonation problems are common among the smaller 'ukuleles, in particular the soprano size. Check your intonation by tuning the string, then playing it again at the 12th fret. If the note at the 12th fret is out of tune, you have an intonation issue.

Which ukulele is most resonant? ›

The tenor ukulele has a deeper, more resonant sound resulting from its scale of about 17” and length of about 26”. Its roomier fingerboard can accommodate larger hands more easily.

What is the most popular ukulele tuning? ›

GCEA: The most common tuning. In my opinion, it's the best tuning for learning. Well suited for all soprano, concert and tenor ukuleles and widely used. Even some sopraninos can be used with GCEA tuning, and there are special strings which allow GCEA tuning to be used even with bariton ukuleles.

What are the 4 most important ukulele chords? ›

What Are the 4 Basic Ukulele Chords? To play the most songs, the most important basic chords for the ukulele to learn are C chord, D chord, G chord, and Em chord. These set you up to play a ton of songs, and each of them is easy to learn.

Why is everyone suddenly playing the ukulele? ›

Firstly, it's trendier than the recorder, and is often seen as a 'gateway' instrument to the full-sized guitar (Billie Eilish learned to play the ukulele and sells a branded version through Fender). Secondly, it is reasonably easy to master ukulele basics (even if it's tricky to become accomplished).

Do ukuleles go out of tune easily? ›

Ukuleles come pre-strung with nylon strings which have never been brought up to pitch! They will go out of tune immediately due to the elasticity of the nylon and the looseness of the knot holding it in place. Many players will keep re-tuning endlessly until the strings get broken in.

Is it better to play ukulele with fingers or pick? ›

If strumming is painful, by all means, try using a pick. Fingerpicking. Rigid picks produce a harsh sound for strumming, but many fingerstyle players, like Hawaiian slack-key legend Led Kaapana, use thumb- and finger-picks to great effect.

Do you strum or pick a ukulele? ›

You don't have to use a pick when you're playing the ukulele. Although it can give it a different sound, playing without a pick is fine, too. Ukuleles have nylon strings, so if you do use a pick, you won't need a heavy one – and if you don't, you shouldn't find that the strings hurt your fingers.

Is it OK to use a pick on a ukulele? ›

it is perfectly fine to use a pick for a different sound. More players today are playing melodies on the uke, or adapting rock songs and other styles to the uke. So if a song or style demands a pick, then by all means go for it! Ukuleles have nylon strings, so you won't need a super heavy pick.

How long does it take to get decent at ukulele? ›

While one does not graduate in learning how to improve when playing any instrument, it is generally accepted that a person would be able to play comfortably within 3 to 6 months. Some people are gifted enough that it would take a shorter time, but it would also depend on the person's commitment to learning the ukulele.

Is laminate better than solid top ukulele? ›

Laminates are however far stronger than solid woods and favoured by players in harsh climates as they are less prone to splitting, bowing or bellying.

What is the best wood for a ukulele? ›

The most frequently used woods are: mahogany, koa, maple and rosewood. For the neck: the woods used must be able to resist to the string tension. The most common woods are mahogany and maple. For soundboard and bridge: rosewood and ebony are used (for the high quality models), very hard and stable woods.

How often does a ukulele go out of tune? ›

In general, ukuleles should be tuned at the beginning of every playing session or when it begins to sound out of tune. Ukuleles may need retuned in the middle of a session if you're playing for longer than 30-60 minutes or if the strings are new. New strings may need retuned every 5-15 minutes until they “settle-in”.

How much should a beginner spend on a ukulele? ›

This will give you a better sound, and typically manufacturers spend a lot more time on the construction of these ukuleles to ensure they will live a long, healthy life. In general, you should expect to spend between $50 and $150 on your first ukulele, and take the time to look for a trusted brand.

What is the price of basic ukulele? ›

Amazon.in: ₹1,000 - ₹5,000 - Ukulele / String Instruments: Musical Instruments.

Which type of ukulele is best for beginners? ›

As a beginner, it is usually best to start with a soprano or concert ukulele, as they are smaller and easier to handle.

What is the most common ukulele for beginners? ›

The soprano ukulele is perfect for beginners as it is the 'normal' type of ukulele that most players start out with. The soprano ukulele has a bright yet soft tone and is the best beginner ukulele for those who want that classic uke sound.

How many hours a day should I practice ukulele? ›

For an elementary student or for one who is around intermediate level, 30 to 45 minutes per day is often a good amount. For a teenager or adult student, or for one who is more advanced, an hour a day is more appropriate. Professional musicians often practice several hours a day.

Is a concert or tenor ukulele better for beginners? ›

In terms of playability, a concert ukulele may be a little easier for people with smaller hands while a tenor might be a bit more comfortable for folks with larger hands.

What is the most popular ukulele size? ›

The soprano ukulele size is probably what most people picture when they think of the ukulele. It is the most common size and makes the classic, traditional ukulele sound. The soprano is the smallest and lightest uke size we offer, with the shortest scale and the tightest fret spacing.

What is the name of the most popular and smallest type of ukulele? ›

The most common and standard type of ukulele is the soprano ukulele. It's the smallest ukulele and is known for its thin, jangly sound so commonly associated with ukuleles.

How long does it take to learn basic ukulele? ›

How long does it take to learn ukulele? The answer is, to learn the basics, which includes switching between C – F – Am – G, and playing a simple strumming pattern in the right hand, it will take between 1- 4 months.

How do I choose a ukulele? ›

Soprano ukuleles generally give a classic ukulele sound which has a higher, sweeter voice, while tenor ukuleles provide a fuller sound with better resonance, projection, and a lower voice, like a guitar. Just imagine a choir, Soprano = higher voice. Concert = mid-range voice. Tenor = lower voice.

What is the fastest way to learn ukulele? ›

7 Tips to Learn to Play Ukulele Faster
  1. Develop the habit of tuning your ukulele before playing. ...
  2. Maintain Form and Good Posture. ...
  3. Learn the Top 5 Most Popular Ukulele Chords. ...
  4. Take Breaks and Repeat. ...
  5. Use a metronome to play in time. ...
  6. Hum Song Lyrics While Playing Slowly. ...
  7. Sing While Playing Basic Strumming Patterns.


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