Cauldron RHO - Eastern Carja Territory - Walkthrough | Horizon Zero Dawn (2023)

Text Datapoints - Machines
M/RHO: Core Log 653Z

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Tactics for Tramplers

Arguably the most difficulty Hunting Grounds in the game lie behind you, and with any luck, you’ll have left victorious, or at least with a few more levels. In any event, it’s time to move on, and what better way to follow up a new Hunting Ground than with a new Cauldron? From the Greatrun Hunting Grounds head due south to find a road, which leads southeast. Along the way you’ll need to be wary of Tramplers and the Glinthawks who prowl along the cliffs to the west.

Speaking of which… time to talk about Tramplers. You’ve probably seen enough of them during the trials earlier, but during those trials your objectives rarely revolved around engaging them. For acquisition machines, they’re rather aggressive, preferring to charge at danger and hound it relentlessly thereafter. In addition to their charge, they can create a fiery explosion (centered on themselves) and shoot a shockwave along the ground. Primarily, however, they’re close-to-mid-range combatants.

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Although their body is weak to fire and they have a Power Cell to target, it’s hard to seriously recommend those targets, as there’s a much more alluring Processing Unit on their underside. Knock this target out and the machine is done for - initially taking massive damage, before slowly dying from damage-over-time. You can, of course, speed up the process by shooting at their horns, which are vulnerable, high-damage, easily hit targets on their head. For how easy they are, it’s worth noting they can drop Very Rare (purple) quality modifications.

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Destroy the Watchers outside Cauldron RHO (left) then descend into a pit to find a subterranean door you can override (right).

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Cauldron RHO

Follow the trail southeast, then south, dealing with the Longlegs that lurk along the road. Eventually you’ll reach a fork with a Campfire near it, and you may also have the luck (misfortune?) of encountering a Shell-Walker patrol in the area. More interestingly, however, is Cauldron RHO, which lies a short distance down the road to the east, southeast. Approach the signature triangular door and dispatch several Watchers outside, then note the chasm that separates you from the door to the Cauldron.

At the edge of the cliff outside of the Cauldron turn east and drop or climb down several ledges, cross a cylindrical “bridge” and continue downhill to reach a rappel point. Defy gravity, common sense, and the very purpose which gloves were created for to reach lower ground, then continue heading down through the caverns outside of the Cauldron until you reach a triangular metal door that leads into the Cauldron’s interior. Use your trusty spear to override the door, then head on inside the Cauldron.

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Head down a short hallway and take out an unwary Watcher. Ironic, right? The path ahead ends at a rotating turbine with numerous hand-holds on its outer rim. Shoot the turbine’s glowing blue center to reverse the direction in which the turbine spins, then rid the turbine to reach the southern end of the room. Continue south, southeast into a natural cavern, looting a Supply Crate along the way, then turn south, southwest into a triangular wire-tunnel and override a door at the end.

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As usual, you shouldn't view Ravagers as a threat (left) as much as an opportunity to grab a Ravager Cannon (right).

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Beyond this door is a large room with a few spinning turbines and several Watchers roaming about. Fortunately, there’s also a vent nearby which producing steam you can take cover in. Oh, yeah, and there’s a Ravager down here, too. Fun. Dispatch the Watchers, then eliminate the Ravager - expect them to be relatively common foes from now on. You should know how to do it already, shoot off their Ravager Cannon and use that against the machines, or just be happy that the Ravager can’t use it against you. In addition, pummel it with Fire Arrows until you trigger burning damage-over-time, which does great damage to Ravagers.

Once the machines are dead, turn southwest and shoot the turbine, then ride it to the west. There’s no ledge to leap on, however. Instead you’ll need to jump to a hovering cargo crate, then ride that a bit until there’s safe ground below. Drop down, turn northwest, then override a Network Uplink to deploy a bridge. Ride a turbine to the west, then override a second Network Uplink to tear down a section of the wall of light barrier to the south. Shoot the nearby turbine and ride it back east, cross the bridge you deploy earlier, then get back on one of the floating cargo crates and ride it through the fragmented wall of light and drop down onto a ledge to the southwest.

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Shoot the center of spinning wheels to reverse their direction (left) then ride the hand holds on them in the desired direction (right).

Turn north west and note that beyond some stacked Shell-Walker cargo crates is a ledge, above which a turbine spins. You can shoot the turbine and ride it to the northwest, or you can just get a good running jump and leap the gap. Once you’re on the other side of the chamber head through a triangular wire-tunnel to the south, southwest and continue until you reach a chamber where several Watchers prowl. Use some vents to provide cover which you can use to take down the one Watcher on this elevated ledge, then continue south to find some ramps that lead down to the lower, western end of the room, where you’ll find more vents you can use to eliminate another pair of Watchers.

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When the Watchers no longer keep their vigil, note some hand-holds above the ramp you descended down, which you can climb to reach a tunnel that leads to three Supply Crates. Yum! There’s another Supply Crate in the larger chamber where the Watchers prowled, opposite a door to the west you can override, near a pool of water. Speaking of which, you can override the door when you’re done exploring to continue deeper into the Cauldron, but there’s another, arguably better choice.

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Climb some hand holds to reach an elevated ledge (left) from which you can pick off the numerous machines below (right).

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From the door you can override turn northeast to find some hand-holds on the wall, which lead to a ledge with two more Supply Crates on it. More importantly, you’ll find a triangular door southwest of where you climbed onto this ledge, which ultimately leads to the same room the door below leads to, albeit on a higher, safer ledge from which you can engage in ranged combat with the machines below.

Either way you choose, there are quite a few machines in this room, including several Watchers, a few Longlegs and a Ravager. From the higher ledge, all of them can be easily eliminated in various ways - brute damage via Precision Arrows and Triple Shot works, although using Shock Arrows on the Longleg’s Power Cells is easily a better option for them. Don’t get too cocky, though, as all the machines can retaliate with ranged attacks of their own, but if you’re patient and avoid shooting at suspicious machines, you can pick apart the machines below at your leisure.

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Demolish the machines, then search the northeastern end of the chamber to find a turbine, which will lead to a ledge containing a Supply Crate. Meager rewards, but better than nothing. Search the western end of the room to find a Network Uplink, which will deploy a bridge leading to the elevated central platform. Work your way around to the eastern side of the pumping mechanical organ here to find a Field Generator, which you can override to take down a light barrier to the north, northwest.

Make your way up a ramp to the north, northwest and through a downed section of light barrier to find two turbines, which you can use to reach a far ledge. Continue northwest down a ramp, jump a gap, then climb up a ledge to find a Supply Crate. Continue up a ramp to the north and proceed in that direction until you reach a Network Uplink, which will deploy another bridge, beyond which is a triangular tunnel leading northeast. Head down the tunnel and turn north, dive into some water below then head down a wire tunnel to the west, beyond which is the Cauldron core chamber.

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Guarding the Cauldron Core are a Snapmaw and a Ravager, the latter of which possesses a tool you can shoot off (left) and turn against the machines (right).

You know the drill, rappel down to the lower level and destroy some Watchers patrolling around a bubble light barrier, loot some Supply Crates and gather some medicinal mushrooms, if necessary, then climb one of the three towers and hack the Discharge Pylon. Your foe in the core this time is… a Snapmaw? Yeah, not a very potent machine this time. It’s joined by a Ravager, but both machines are weak to fire damage, so simply pelting them with Fire Arrows and waiting them out is a fine strategy. That Ravager Cannon is also tempting - if you can dislodge it, you can make short work of both machines. If you can stay hidden, Corruption Arrows are yet another option, just pluck away at your favored target and let the machines take care of themselves.

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However you go about it, loot the downed machines, then override the Cauldron Core to complete this Cauldron, and get yourself the RHO override codes. You can now override Tramplers, Shell-Walkers, Longlegs, Ravagers and Snapmaws. You’ll also log the Text Datapoint - Machine “M/RHO: Core Log 653Z” . After hacking the core, you’ll automatically ride an elevator to the top of the Cauldron. Simply head north and override another Network Uplink to deploy a bridge, giving you easy egress from Cauldron RHO.

For overriding the Cauldron SIGMA Core6,000 XP / +1 Skill Point / RHO Overrides

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How do you get through the Cauldron in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

You'll need to turn left and head down into the gorge in front of the complex. From there, you'll work your way up through the Cauldron, rather than entering through the front and making your way down. With the RHO override, you can hack these machines: Longleg.

What is the hardest Cauldron in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

The final and most difficult Cauldron is Cauldron ZETA. It can be found at the northwest corner of the map behind an entrance that is kind of hidden. Look around for a ridge where a Watcher is attacking you from a distance, and use the nearby pillar to climb up.

How do you get to the core in Cauldron Rho? ›

Your goal is to get to the rotating wheel and catch a lift to the second level, but you should take out the machines first. Once you get to the second level, jump onto the magnetic rail. On the other side, you'll find a point to override, which will create a bridge for you to the center.

How do you override Cauldrons in zero dawn? ›

Horizon Zero Dawn Cauldron locations and solutions. The ability to override Phi-tier machines doesn't require you to complete any Cauldrons. You simply need to complete the main quest Womb of the Mountain, which is fairly early on in the game, and you'll then be able to override all of the Phi-tier machines.

What is the secret Cauldron in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

Cauldrons are special dungeons in Horizon Zero Dawn. They're marked on your map with blue triangles, but are generally not truly revealed until you get near them. Clearing a Cauldron grants you myriad rewards, including the ability to override new machines!

What is the rarest machine in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

1 Rockbreaker

It's surprising that one of the rarest enemies in Horizon isn't the final boss in the Death Bringer or the mascot in the Thunderjaw, but the giant mole machine, the Rockbreaker.

What is the rarest weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

The Shadow Rattler is one of the most unique weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn. Where most weapons are variations of primitive equipment, the Rattler is something that feels a bit more modern.

What is the hardest creature to beat in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

1 Deathbringer

There aren't too many ways to bring one of these massive hunks of metal down, which can make for a frustrating face-off.

How do you beat 30 Thunderjaw? ›

Your best bets are its heart, its rapid-fire cannons, its tail, and its disc launchers. Start with the disc launchers as these will be essential to winning the fight quickly. They're located on the Thunderjaw's shoulders.

What is the point of overriding in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

While an overridden machine cannot be commanded per se, overriding turns a machine from its default state of hostility toward any human to a state of combat friendliness toward the human who overrode it, in that instead of attacking the player, it will attack other hostile machines or humans.

How do you get Rho overrides? ›

Once a pillar is overridden, the field drops, and the Snapmaw attacks, accompanied by a Ravager. Once these two machines are defeated, Aloy is able to override the core, obtaining the RHO overrides.

What does Cauldron SIGMA unlock? ›

While completing the Cauldron, Aloy will need to fight and hack her way to the end, where she'll learn the ability to override several all-new machines that range from Sawtooths, Scrappers, Lancehorns, and more.

How do you get into the unknown Cauldron? ›

The entrance to the cauldron lies partially underwater - simply swim up to the door and dive. Kappa has several underwater sections where you need to dodge machines and hide in kelp before you've changed the water levels enough to fight them on dry land.

How many cauldrons are in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

Cauldrons. There are a total of five physical Cauldrons in the Horizon Zero Dawn world. A sixth Cauldron, Cauldron PSI, is known to exist, although its location remains unknown, since Aloy has the PSI Overrides when she unlocks the Override ability.

Can you ride a Thunderjaw? ›

Yes, there was a player who spend ages trying to balance on top of one, by climbing on from a nearby rock.

How many machines can you override at once Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

The ability to override machines has returned in Horizon Forbidden West, with Aloy now able to override up to 38 different types of machines.

Is there a secret weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

The tearblaster is a somewhat hidden weapon. Unlike other weapons it cannot be bought from merchants. It's a quest reward for side quest "Hunter's Blind". This gives you a treasure box with this weapon inside.

What is the biggest monster in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

Thunderjaws are an Apex Combat Machine, meaning that it's one of the largest and most dangerous of all machines in Horizon. It's a huge bipedal machine that has bulky legs, a long body, and a thick tail resembling a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

What is the secret weapon in zero dawn? ›

A Secret Weapon – The Tearblaster

Most of the weapons in Horizon: Zero Dawn can be bought at merchants, but there's one particularly useful bit of machine-fighting kit that you have to work to unlock – the Tearblaster. The Tearblaster is a kind of compressed air shotgun, and for an air weapon, it's pretty damn useful.

What is the most powerful gear in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

Shield-Weaver – The Ultimate In-Game Armor
OutfitBase StatsModification Slots
Shield Weaver ArmorCreates a protective forcefield around Aloy Absorbs Damage – reducing health loss. Rapid Health Regeneration0
May 10, 2023

What is the least favorite machine in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

Least Favorite Machines: Scrappers/Scorchers. Both of these machines (at least on UH) are stuck on 100 miles per hour. Scrappers don't stop moving and make it harder than normal for me to get a good shot off. Unless they decide to sit back and shoot at you.

What is the best very rare armour in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

What is the best very rare armour in Horizon Zero Dawn? The Shield-Weaver armor is easily the best in the entire game. You won't be able to get it until close to the end of the main game due to the fact it is the reward for a pretty long and involved side quest.

Which bow is best in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

Which are the best bows in Horizon Zero Dawn? According to USgamer, the best standard bow you can acquire is the shadow hunter bow, which will cost you 650 metal shards and an item called a watcher heart. It fires hunter, hardpoint and fire arrows, so it's useful in a variety of situations.

Who is the bad AI in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

HEPHAESTUS is a major antagonist in the Horizon video game franchise, serving as the main antagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn's DLC expansion The Frozen Wilds and a major antagonist in Horizon Forbidden West.

What is the longest quest in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

In Horizon: Zero Dawn's final mission, Aloy faces the last boss and an end to her journey for the main story. Taking 30 minutes to complete, 'The Face of Extinction' is exactly as it sounds, just Aloy single-handedly facing off against an entire army of Eclipse Cultists and Deathbringers.

Is Fireclaw stronger than Thunderjaw? ›

Of all the huge machines in the world of Horizon, the Fireclaw might be the most powerful. Maybe even more so than the Thunderjaw, which is saying something. You'll notice the Fireclaw's hit points are around the same level as the Thunderjaw's.

Is Redmaw stronger than Thunderjaw? ›

Redmaw has more health than a normal Thunderjaw, but otherwise (aside from the missing Disc Launcher) its capabilities are exactly the same. Redmaw can be overridden, but this will not let the player complete the quest, so they must still attack it in the end.

Is redmaw harder than a normal Thunderjaw? ›

Fighting Redmaw isn't terribly different than a normal Thunderjaw, he just has more health and can hit harder. Use the same strategy to kill him though. Start by shooting off the gun on his back and the sides of his face, then use them to blow up Redmaw as much as possible.

Can you romance in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

While Aloy encounters dozens of characters throughout Horizon Forbidden West, there are unfortunately no romance options in the game. There is no way to build affinity with any characters and become romantically involved with them, and there are no love scenes at all.

Can you ride a Dreadwing? ›

Flying machines like the Stormbird and Dreadwing are far more powerful and well-equipped than Sunwings, but it's merely the latter that you can get on top of and fly around Forbidden West. Therefore, you're limited to these pterosaur-shaped machines for taking to the skies with.

What is the fastest mount in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

What are the fastest mounts in Horizon Zero Dawn? Sunwings. Sunwings are the only mount in Horizon Forbidden West that allow players to fly, and they're also the fastest out of all of them.

How do you unlock corrupted Overrides? ›

When you collect Horizon Forbidden West Overrides from a Cauldron — like Repair Bay: Tau — some of the override codes will be corrupted. To fix them, you'll need to craft an override at the Fabrication Terminal. Only once that's crafted will you be able to actually override those Machines.

When should I do Cauldron ZETA? ›

Cauldron Zeta should only be attempted after completing the other three Cauldrons in the game and it's recommended that the player be at least at level 20 or higher before they make their way to Cauldron Zeta in order complete this final Cauldron.

How many Cauldrons are forbidden? ›

There are a total of six cauldrons in Horizon Forbidden West, dungeons that Aloy will need to complete to unlock machine overrides.

Are there mounts in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

There are three machines you can mount in Horizon Zero Dawn and four in its sequel. In this post-apocalyptic version of the United States, you can travel via Charger, Strider, Broadhead, Bristleback, Clawstrider, or Sunwing.

Is Cauldron Gemini the last mission? ›

There are six Cauldrons in Horizon Forbidden West, and GEMINI is one that needs to be completed to progress in the main story. "Gemini" is the fourteenth out of seventeen missions in Horizon Forbidden West's campaign, so players won't be able to access the Cauldron until nearing the end of the story.

How do you unlock the level 2 Cauldron? ›

For instance, to upgrade a Cauldron to Level 2, you will need to craft a Spice Rack and place it near the cooking pot to unlock the upgrade's corresponding recipes.

Which Cauldron unlocks flying mount? ›

So to unlock the flying mount Sunwing in Horizon Forbidden West you have to go through the main questline by completing Gemini Cauldron. It unlocks after the 16th Main Story Quest “The Wings of the Ten”.

What do you get for completing all Cauldrons? ›

Completing a Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron unlocks certain machine overrides you can then use in the world to control the robots you unlock.

What is the max health in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

When Horizon Forbidden West begins, players will have a Max Health of 200. Regardless of the difficulty that players choose, the starting health pool will remain the same until more is earned.

What level is the cauldron Mu? ›

Cauldron MU can be found very close to the main quest Death's Door. It's south of Plainsong and west of Chainscrape. The suggested level is 18.

How do I get out of the lost cauldron? ›

Follow the trail to Skymir's mitten. Once there, head inside. Head in and follow the path to a locked door. At the locked door, turn around and you'll see a new path before you.

How do you get out of the cauldron Zeta? ›

Once you're ready, equip Tearblast arrows (notch three if you have the ability to) and climb the pillar to override a point, taking down the barrier around the Thunderjaw. Your absolute top priority is to disable its Disc Launchers.

How do you get through the cauldron Gemini? ›

Pursue HEPHAESTUS into the Cauldron

From the left side of the platform, jump off and hold Square to deploy your glider and land on the lower platform to the left. Once you have landed, use your Pullcaster on the nearby glowing blue machinery to pull out a ledge you can climb on.

How do you find a different entrance in the Cauldron Theta? ›

Find a Different Entrance

As you approach THETA's entrance, Aloy will remark that the Cauldron door is blocked. To enter the Cauldron, head toward the lava to the northeast, and you'll find a secret cave entrance. Just be careful not to alert the Apex Fireclaw, Apex Scorcher, or Frost Glinthawks in the area.

Where is the final Cauldron? ›

It is found just to the west of Tallneck: The Shining Wastes. On first visit, you may find it's deactivated. You can still go inside, but you can't do anything yet. This particular Cauldron doesn't come into play until much later, during Main Quest, GEMINI.

Where is the last Cauldron? ›

It's south of Plainsong and west of Chainscrape. The suggested level is 18. See the Cauldron: MU guide.

How do you open a Cauldron door? ›

When you approach the Cauldron, you will need to kill the Leaplashers and Scroungers blocking the cave entrance. Once they are defeated, go to the entrance and override the door. Enter the door and to either side of you will be two vents.

How many Cauldrons are in Horizon Zero Dawn? ›

Cauldrons. There are a total of five physical Cauldrons in the Horizon Zero Dawn world. A sixth Cauldron, Cauldron PSI, is known to exist, although its location remains unknown, since Aloy has the PSI Overrides when she unlocks the Override ability.

What does cauldron Zeta give you? ›

After completing Cauldron Zeta, the player will be rewarded with 10,000 XP, one Skill Point, and will unlock the following overrides: Stormbird, Thunderjaw, and Rockbreaker.

Is Cauldron GEMINI the last mission? ›

There are six Cauldrons in Horizon Forbidden West, and GEMINI is one that needs to be completed to progress in the main story. "Gemini" is the fourteenth out of seventeen missions in Horizon Forbidden West's campaign, so players won't be able to access the Cauldron until nearing the end of the story.

Is Gemini the final mission? ›

Gemini is one of the final missions of Horizon Forbidden West and in it, Aloy and companions travel to Cauldron GEMINI to trap and capture the HEPHAESTUS sub-function.

Who to side with drakka or yarra? ›

Choose Your Side - Drakka Or Yarra

Ultimately, neither of the choices will have an effect on the main story, but the only difference is that the one who lives will give you the Burden of Command errand later on. It is up to you who you like the most of the two and who deserves to be the commander of the Desert Clan.

How do you get Sigma Cauldron? ›

Cauldron SIGMA is the first you'll have access to in Horizon Zero Dawn, available once you go to Mother's Crown. Clear the Cauldron for rewards and a new set of machines to override.

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