List of Cards in Pack 3: Galactic Divide (2023)

This is a listing of all cards available in Pack 3: Galactic Divide.

Card NameCard TypePlanetStar CostPowerHealthAbilityRarityBikabow BirdCreatureRokah4200200NoneCommonChaos Beast- Pterokon of RokahCreatureRokah9350400This card cannot be free-played. If Rokah is your planet card, this card gains 100 power. If this zoned creature is killed, cost-play 1 of your killed Rokah creatures.Really RareDandiCreatureRokah14070NoneCommonThe ElitistCreatureRokah3100100Only once, you can choose 1 of either player's killed creatures that has no ability. This creature's name becomes that creature's name until it is killed.CommonChinook the MeloderCreatureRokah5270200When this creature attacks and kills an opponent's creature, your opponent loses 2 stars.CommonWeatherman LitoongCreatureRokah4240100If Weathermachine is on your planet, this creature can attack twice per turn.CommonWeatherman TyphooonCreatureRokah7300240For every Weather card on your planet, this creature costs 1 less star to cost-play. If Weathermachine is on your planet, this card gains 100 power and health.RareLumiveronCreatureRokah4??????When you play this card, guess the names of up to 5 cards in your opponent's hand. This card gains 80 power and health for every card guessed correctly.Common3 Headed RobaktCreatureSheos5370110NoneRareFrazzboltCreatureSheos17010When this creature is killed in your hand or galaxy, kill 1 resource card on either planet.CommonWombamCreatureSheos314040When this creature is killed by an opponent's attack, add 1 battle zone to your planet.CommonEmber SoulCreatureSheos3180140NoneCommonMwhaleCreatureSheos220190NoneCommonGheezer DragonCreatureSheos4250100This creature can also be played as a combiner card with the creature Steam Rider to become the Sindell combiner creature Boiling Dragon and Steam Rider.'Power': 400

Health: 300

CommonSheosian Lava MoleCreatureSheos4180100When this creature attacks and kills an opponent's creature, your opponent must kill 1 Activator Card in their hand. If they have none, kill this card.CommonBamoomboomCreatureSheos6250???When you play this card, choose 1 of your killed Sheos creatures. This card's health becomes equal to that creature's power.RareSkelekrullCreatureSindell18040NoneCommonCommander CrossbonesCreatureSindell5150150If a Skullcross creature in your hand or on your planet would be killed, attach it to this creature instead and this creature gains its power and health. You can kill this card with 400 power and health to free-play 1 Commander Bossbones from your galaxy.CommonSkullcross ShieldCreatureSindell350200NoneCommonSkullcross ScytheCreatureSindell320050NoneCommonCommander BossbonesCreatureSindell8420250If this card is played by Commander Crossbones, it gains 250 health. You can also kill 1 card on your opponent's planet for every Skullcross card that was attached to that Commander Crossbones when it was killed.RareChaos Beast - Cerberam of SindellCreatureSindell9340430This card cannot be free-played if Sindell is your planet card. This creature can enter up to 2 battle zones per turn. When this zoned creature is killed, free play any 5 star or lower Sindell creature to your planet.Really RarePurgatorCreatureSindell3100150If Sindian is your planet card, this creature's original power and health is doubled.CommonIce Berg FaceCreaturePalicium5240240You can cost-play this creature for 3 stars. If you do, halve its original power and health.CommonZettoray - StrikarusCreaturePalicium7320300If this creature is free-played through the ability of Ralantis, it permanently gains 80 health and your opponent loses 4 stars.RareAzobactamactaphilonCreaturePalicium230170NoneCommonFreezalonCreaturePalicum45050Every time a player's turn ends, this creature gains 50 power and health.CommonSteam RiderCreaturePalicium4100250This creature can also be played as a combiner card with the creature Boiling Dragon to become the Sindell combiner creature Boiling Dragon and Steam Rider.

Power: 400

Health: 300

CommonStaletronk - SpeararmCombiner CreaturePalicium-240330During any turn, the first time a zone is added to a planet, you must kill 1 of either player's zoned cards.CommonStaletronk - StalekarmCombiner CreaturePalicium-240330Combined with above.CommonLost BogiboogaCreatureNo Planet330280NoneCommonInfi the Galactic SquireCreatureNo Planet210060When this creature is killed by an opponent's attack, free-play a 4 star Knight creature from your galaxy.CommonPointphantomCreatureNo Planet5190200This creature can attack your opponent's planet even if your opponent has zoned creatures.RareHorde From Who Knows Where - Left FlankCombiner CreatureNo Planet-300300When this combiner creature is killed, free play the 2 combiner cards as individual creature cards to creature zones on your planet.

Stars: 3

Power: 150, Health: 150

Planet: Whatever your planet is.

CommonHorde From Who Knows Where - Right FlankCombiner CreatureNo Planet-300300Combined with above.CommonUng UngCreatureBaro24090When this creature on your planet is killed by an attack, you can free play 1 Ung Ung from your galaxy or hand.CommonOzoblokCreatureBaro360140When you cost-play this creature, add 1 galaxied Ozobam to your hand. You can't cost-play it this turn.CommonBoomanatorCreatureBaro5150220Only once, you can permanently give 1 creature on your planet an extra 150 power.RareT.R.O.M.CreatureBaro4150150Every time this creature's power and health are swapped, this creature permanently gains 50 power and health.CommonCombine HarvesterCreatureBaro5130240You can kill this creature on your planet to free-play one of your killed combiner creatures.CommonRed Beaked SqwobCreatureBaro15060NoneCommonZlock Beast - HeadCombiner CreatureBaro-??????This creature's power becomes 50x the number of zones on your planet at the time it is played. This creature's health becomes 50x the number of zones on your opponent's planet at the time it is played (this excludes planet zones).CommonZlock Beast - ZonesCombiner CreatureBaro-??????Combined with aboveCommonThe Ancient UtopanonCreatureSindian4100150This creature gains 50 power and health for each of the other zoned creatures.CommonKaleidoscope WarriessCreatureSindian313040After this creature attacks, look at your opponent's hand and kill 1 attachment card in it (if they have any).CommonGombajableCreatureSindian370160Once per turn, you can kill 1 of your zoned, 1 star creatures and pay 3 stars to draw 2 cards.CommonOzobamCreatureSindian3100100When you cost-play this creature, add 1 galaxied Ozokai to your hand. You can't cost-play it this turn.CommonOzo - The Titan of JusticeCreatureSindian7310380Once per turn, you can show your opponent three of your handed and/or zoned creatures; 1xBaro, 1xGaios, and 1xSindian to draw 1 card or kill one zoned card.RareChaos Beast - Stalius of SindianCreatureSindian9330470This card cannot be free-played. If Sindian is your planet card, this card gains 100 power. If this zoned creature is killed, free-play any killed Sindian creature (ignoring any restrictions).Really RareChworb and ChariotCreatureSindian429070NoneCommonUnderwood BurrowerCreatureGaios6320240To play this card, you must kill 1 zoned resource card on either planet (you also pay stars if it is a cost-play).RareGoruul - Beast of the NightjungleCreatureGaios3160110You can kill 1 of your zoned Nightjungle resource cards to gain 3 stars.CommonVoccapeccymaccCreatureGaios215060NoneCommonPokotakaCreatureGaios46080When you play this card, it permanently gains 20 power and health for every point you have.CommonStekotokaCreatureGaios48060This creature permanently gains 20 power and health for every star you have at the time it is played.CommonOzokaiCreatureGaios314060When you cost-play this creature, add 1 galaxied Ozoblok to your hand. You can't cost-play it this turn.CommonThorngaborkCreatureGaios16010When this creature is killed by an attack you draw 1 card.CommonGalaxy RockCreatureGaios650350Once per turn, you can change this card's home planet to any planet of your choice (including "No Planet") until the end of your opponent's next turn. You can use this ability whilst the creature is zoned or killed.Ridiculously RareCard Consuming Cosmic CreatorResourceKill 1 of your handed cards, gain 6 stars.CommonMystical Relic - Rainbow QuillResourceBoth players choose 1 card in their hand and randomly select 1 card in their hand. The selected cards are killed, then both players draw 2 new cards.CommonDark Space EaterResourceKill 1 card from your galaxy face down. If your opponent plays that card later during the game, kill it and any other galaxied or handed copies your opponent has. Then add your copy to your hand.CommonHelp-O-BeltResourcePay 3 stars. Add 1 galaxied attachment card to your hand.Rare3 Starred ThistleResourceAdd 1 galaxied, 3 star Gaios creature to your hand.Common4 Starred FeatherResourceAdd 1 galaxied, 4 star Rokah creature to your hand.Common6 Starred StrikeResourceAdd 1 galaxied, 6 star Sheos creature to your hand.CommonTornadoomResourceGive 1 of your zoned, 4 star or higher Rokah creatures to your opponent's hand to kill all zoned creatures or resources.RarePointrapResourceKill any amount of your zoned creatures, gain 1 point for each.CommonBroken Hand Without A NameResourceYour opponent chooses one of your killed creatures and adds it to your hand.CommonAbandonmentResourceKill all zoned creatures that don't come from their owner's planet card.RareForces of JusticeResourceYou can only play this card if you have killed creatures from at least 3 different planets (excluding "No Planet"). Add 1 killed creature with 4 or less stars to your hand.CommonSpace PitResourceShuffle 1 zoned creature that has 3 or fewer stars back into its owner's galaxy.CommonTower of DrangelResourceKill 1 of your zoned Sindian creatures, free-play one 6 star handed or galaxied Drangel creature.CommonMeteor Stop OffPermanent ResourceAll zoned, No-Planet creatures gain 50 health. Whilst there is a zoned No-Planet creature, neither player can use their planet card's ability.RareShattered CorePermanent ResourceOnce per turn, you can make any zoned creature a No-Planet creature until the end of your opponent's next turn.CommonHot PointatoPermanent ResourceAfter a resource or activator card is played, this card switches planet (if there is an empty resource zone for it). After 5 turns, kill this card. When this happens, the planet this card is on gains 5 points.CommonCrossbones HeadquartersPermanent ResourceWhen you play this card, add 1 galaxied Commander Crossbones to your hand. Every time a Skullcross card is attached to your Commander Crossbones, kill 1 of your opponent's zoned creatures.CommonStargiftPermanent ResourceAll creatures in both players' hands lose 2 stars (except 1 and 2 star creatures).CommonTrollogramPermanent ResourceThe first time any of your zoned creatuers with 90 or less health would be killed by an attack, they are not killed.CommonMount EosPermanent ResourceKeep a count of every time either player plays a Sheos creature. You can kill this card on your planet to free-play 1 killed Sheos creature with stars equal to or less than that amount.CommonNegotiationPermanent ResourceBoth players randomly select one card in the other player's hand and switch cards. Both players keep the selected cards until this card is killed.CommonResearch OutpostPermanent ResourceOnce per turn, you can kill 1 of your handed Baro creatures to have all of your zoned Baro creatures gain 100 power until the end of your turn.CommonPentaplanterAttachmentIf a player would cost-play a creature with the same amount of stars as this card's attached creature, you can kill this card instead of paying stars for that cost-play.CommonWeatherman HailstoomAttachmentAttach only to a Weatherman creature. If it would be killed, kill this card instead. When this card is killed, add 1 galaxied Weathermachine or Weatherman to your hand which has 1 or 2 stars.CommonDefrostation TalismanAttachmentAttach only to a Palicium creature. When it attacks and kills another creature, you can free play one of your killed 1-star creatures to your planet.CommonDe-EliteAttachmentAttach only to an Elite creature. It gains 100 power or health. When this card is killed, free-play the creature that was killed to cost-play the attached creature.CommonWarphole JetpackAttachmentWhen the attached creature leaves your planet, free-play one of your different killed creatures which has the same amount of stars as the attached creature.Really RareSlush's CurseAttachmentWhen the attached creature kills another creature (through an attack or ability), the attached creature's original power and health become the same as the killed creature's.CommonSpicy Soul SauceAttachmentThe attached creature gains 10 power for each of your killed Sindell creatures.CommonOmni-Planetary TicketActivatorAfter an opponent's creature attacks your planet, free-play 1 of either player's killed creatures to your planet which has stars equal to the amount of points your opponent gained from the attack.CommonThe Anti-ConjurerActivatorWhen your opponent adds a zone to their planet through a card ability, add that zone to your planet instead.CommonHoming SeekerActivatorWhen your opponent plays an attachment card, kill 1 card in your hand, and you choose which creature it is attached to.Really RareBlack Hole BlockerActivatorWhen a card ability would kill 2 or more cards, none of your cards are killed by that ability.RareThe Lost ProbeActivatorWhen your turn begins, instead of drawing 1 card, add 1 galaxied creature to your hand which isn't from your planet card.CommonShockwave 5ActivatorWhen your opponent plays a 5-star creature, kill all your opponent's handed cards (after the 5-star creature is played).CommonSkullcross SpearActivatorWhen a card is attached to a Sindell creature, draw 1 card or draw 2 cards if the attachment was originally a creature card.CommonExtra Extra Small RescueActivatorWhen your opponent would attack your planet using a creature with 5 or more stars, free-play a 1 star creature from your galaxy. Your opponent can then choose to attack with their creature again.CommonGalactishieldActivatorWhen your opponent attacks 1 of your creatures, your creature gains 40 health until the end of your next turn.RareBurning DamacloidActivatorWhen your opponent plays a single-use resource, pay 4 stars and kill that card (if the resource has a cost, it is not paid).Ridiculously RareMonument to CreationActivatorWhen your opponent draws a card or cards because of a card ability, you draw 2 cards.CommonCosmic ConjuryActivatorWhen a resource zone is added to your planet, play 1 of your killed permanent resource cards into that zone.CommonActivation Activated ActivatorActivatorWhen your opponent plays an activator card, kill that activator card.CommonPhycodorusCreatureGaios5160260When this creature attacks and kills another creature, you can free-play 1 galaxied Phycodorus.Limited EditionCopex HelmetAttachmentThe first time you play this card, attach it to any zoned creature with an ability. When that attached creature is killed, return this card to your hand. The second time you attach this card to a creature, it gains the ability of the first attached creature.Limited EditionArmoured HeckgoatCreatureSindell6150250Once per turn, you can kill 1 of your handed or zoned Sindell creatures. This creature permanently gains 60 power. Once per turn, you can shuffle 1 killed Sindell creature into your galaxy. This creature gains 40 power.Limited EditionAngel SpacecraftPermanent ResourceWhen you cost-play a Sindian creature, draw 1 card. If it is not a Sindian creature. Kill it and this card.Limited Edition
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