The Binding of Isaac Rebirth – Pickups and Consumables Guide (UPDATED) [May 2023] (2023)

Consumables include:

  • Tarot Cards
  • Playing Cards
  • Special Cards
  • Runes
  • Pills

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1 Tarot Cards

2 Playing Cards

3 Special Cards

4 Runes

5 Left pointing runes:

6 Pills

7 Pickups

8 Hearts

9 Coins

10 Bombs

11 Keys

12 Batteries

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Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards are the most common card pickup. There are 21 diffirent tarot cards in the game.

0 – The Fool

Teleports you to the spawn room

I – The Magician

Gives you homing shots for one room

II – The High Priestess

Spawns Mother’s Foot that aims an enemy with the majority of health, coping 400 harm to it later, basically enough damage to one-shot any enemy. If used in a vacant area, the foot targets Isaac instead.

III – The Empress

Gives you the ♥♥♥♥♥ of Babylon effect for one room

IV – The Emperor

Teleports you to the boss room

V – The Hierophant

Spawns 2 soul hearts around the player

VI – The Lovers

Spawns two normal hearts around the player. Can be Utilized at a Cellar Top Secret Room to provide you 2 black hearts or in a Cathedral Top Secret Room to provide you two eternal hearts

VII – The Chariot

Gives you the My Little Unicorn effect

VIII – Justice

Spawns a secret, bomb, coin along with a hub around the player. The heart Can Occasionally turn into any heart kind

IX – The Hermit

Teleports you to some shop. Upon leaving it the doorway to it’ll probably be opened without using a secret, although departing through a secret room will leave it locked

X – Wheel of Fortune

Spawns a Slot Machine

XI – Strength

Increases all stats (except tears), size and adds just one heart container for one room. Can be used to steal Devil deals

XII – The Hanged Man

Gives flight for one room

XIII – Death

Deals 40 damage to all enemies in the room

XIV – Temperance

Spawns a Blood Donation Machine

XV – The Devil

Gives the Book of Belial effect for one room

XVI – The Tower

Spawns 6 troll bombs in the room

XVII – The Stars

Teleports you to the Treasure Room. Teleports to a random room in The Womb I and beyond

XVIII – The Moon

Teleports you to the Secret Room. Can’t teleport to the Top Secret Room

XIX – The Sun

Bargains 40 damage to all enemies in the room, completely heals Isaac and Provides the Compass + Treasure Map result for the Whole floor

XX – Judgement

Spawns a beggar or a demon beggar

XXI – The World

Gives the Compass + Treasure Map effect for the entire floor

Playing Cards

Playing Cards are less common, yet they sometimes can have powerful, even run-changing effects.

Two of Clubs

Doubles your bomb count. If you have 0 bombs it will give you two bombs instead

Two of Diamonds

Doubles your money count. If you have 0 coins it will give you two coins instead

Two of Hearts

Probably most unworthy playing card. Doubles your red heart count. Basically, if you have one hub from 3 heart containers it’ll multiply your current hearts by two which you have two hearts out of 3 heart containers. Useless on the ??? Character

Two of Spades

Doubles your key count. If you have 0 keys it will give you two keys instead

Ace of Clubs

Convertsallpickups in the room into bombs

Ace of Diamonds

Convertsallpickups in the room into coins

Ace of Hearts

Convertsallpickups in the room into hearts

Ace of Spades

Convertsallpickups in the room into keys


Teleports you into a Deity Room (Angel/Devil Room)

Special Cards

Particular Cards are cards that appear EVEN LESS OFTEN and have occasionally EVEN MORE POWERFUL OR EVEN RUN-CHANGING EFFECTS

Chaos Card

Kills EVERYTHING from enemies, directors to obstacles when thrown. (Proceed to the direction you would like to throw and press Q). Can open standard doors and secret room entrances. Most effective when used on Hush’s 2nd point or Delirium

Huge Growth

Makes Isaac enormous for one area, also increasing his harm and range (basically a much better Strength card)

Ancient Recall

Spawns 3 cards… that’s it

Era Walk

Slows enemies, increases Isaac’s speed and decreases his shot speed for one roomGives you things that you’ve got to pay for for free. Basically in case you’d happen to find a really good devil deal.

For example Brimstone with the Pact, however you had little to no heart containers to get the things, you could use your Credit Card (if you would happen to own one) to get the things at no cost.

Double Active

Copies your active item effect on use

A Card Against Humanity

Fills the entire room with poop. When you exit the room before the process is done, it cancels it

Get Out Of Jail Free Card

Opens all doors adjacent to the room you’re currently in. Can open the Mega Satan door.

Holy Card

Gives you the Holy Mantle effect for one room

Emergency Contact

Spawns two Mom’s Hands that eliminate two random enemies in the area. If used on a boss, 1 hand will grab it making it”suspended” until it’s killed or the hand gives up.

Dice Shard

Rerolls all pickups and item pedestals in the room


Runes are consumables that appear rarely and have some strong effects, one even game-breaking when combined with other items.

Runes are divided to two components, left pointing runes and right pointing runes

Left pointing runes look like this: The Binding of Isaac Rebirth – Pickups and Consumables Guide (UPDATED) [May 2023] (1)
While right pointing runes look like this: The Binding of Isaac Rebirth – Pickups and Consumables Guide (UPDATED) [May 2023] (2)

Left pointing runes:


Destroys every obstacle in the room (except gaps)


Duplicates all of pickups and chests in the room, Together with the Blank Card may Lead to a game-breaking combo


Creates a trapdoor to the next floor. The trapdoor can turn into a crawlspace


Removes all current curses and gives one soul heart

Right pointing runes:


Grants a shield for 30 seconds


Grants full map for the entire floor


Spawns 3 friendly flies and 3 friendly spiders


Rerolls all item pedestals in the room just like the D6

Blank Rune

Grants a random rune effect. 25% chance to spawn another Blank Rune after using it

Black Rune

Bargains 40 damage to all enemies in the room, converts all pickups into favorable flies and spiders and turns item pedestals into random stat upgrades.


Pills are consumables that could give you temporary or permament status consequences. They may be risky to take as you could screw up your entire run.

Pills may have 9 diffirent looks in Rebirth with 4 added in Afterbirth

Though there are 46 pill impacts just few are chosen, so it is impossible to see every effect in one run

A pill that hasn’t been utilized before will show??? As it is name and will show it’s effect for the remainder of the run after use (PHD will always demonstrate the pill effect regardless of if it has been used or not)

Pill effects:

Bad Gas:

Isaac farts, damaging and poisoning the enemies in short proximity around Isaac

Bad Trip:

Damages Isaac for one full heart. If Isaac has one heart or less it turns into a Full Health pill

Balls Of Steel:

Gives Isaac 2 soul hearts

Bombs are Key:

Swaps the bomb count with the key count

Explosive Diarrhea:

Isaac lays five bombs at one a second

Full Health:

Refills Isaac’s red heart containers

Health Down:

Decreases Isaac’s red hear container count by 1. If Isaac has 1 red heart container it turns into a Health Up

Health Up:

Increases Isaac’s red heart container count by 1. Doesn’t fill the newly created heart container

I found pills:

Only cosmetic


Only cosmetic. If Isaac has consumed 3 of these pills he will turn into an adult giving him one heart container (Afterbirth+)

Pretty Fly:

Gives Isaac an orbital that blocks shots and damages fly-type enemies

Range Down:

Decreases range stat

Range Up:

Increases range stat

Speed Down:

Decreases speed stat

Speed Up:

Increases speed stat

Tears Down:

Decreases tears stat

Tears Up:

Increases tears stat

Luck Down:

Decreases luck stat

Luck Up:

Increases luck stat


Teleports Isaac to a random room. 6.66% chance to teleport into the I AM ERROR room

48 Hour Energy:

Generates 1-2 batteries


Drains Isaac’s red health to one heart (not containers) and spawns 1-4 red hearts


Stops Isaac for a short time

I can see forever!:

Grants the X-Ray Goggles effect for one floor


Charms all enemies in the room


Grants Curse of the Lost for one floor. Can stack with other curses

Lemon Party:

Spawns a large puddle of creep around Isaac which damages enemies

R U a Wizard?:

Gives the dunce cap effect for one minute


All damage damages Isaac for only half a heart no matter what for one room


Isaac takes a full heart from any damage source for one room


Spawns poop under Isaac’sa$$feet


Gives the Curse of the Maze for one floor

One makes you larger:

Increases Isaac’s size and lowers pitch. Hitbox doesn’t change

One makes you small:

Decreases Isaac’s size and increases pitch. Hitbox is smaller


Destroys every poop and spawns a friendly spider instead of it.


Spawns friendly spiders based on the number of enemies in the room. If no enemies are present, the pill spawns 1-3 friendly spiders

Power Pill!:

Gives the Gamekid effect

Retro Vision:

Pixelates the screen 3 times for 3 seconds every 30 seconds

Friends till the end!:

Spawns 3 friendly flies


Creates a puddle of slippery brown creep around Isaac

Something’s wrong:

Spawns a puddle of black creep around Isaac

I’m Drowsy:

Slows enemies for one room

I’m Excited!:

Speeds up enemies for one room


Destroys the trinket Isaac is currently holding and applies it’s effects to the player


Spawns a consumable Isaac previously used. If Isaac used no consumables before it will spawn the Vurp! pill again


Upon use Isaac spits out an Ipecac shot which deals 200 damage

Feels like I’m walking on the sunshine!:

Gives the Unicorn Stump effect


Pickups are entities that go towards your pickup count (keys, bombs, coins) once you pick them up, or do something else (like Batteries and Hearts).

Pickup count can’t go above 99


Hearts are things which help keep you alive. As in almost any other game, when you attain no life, you die. In Rebirth and beyond there’s a heart cap in 12 hearts.

In the original The Binding Of Isaac: Wrath of The Lamb you could have as many hearts as you would like. From the first original The Binding Of Isaac that the additional hearts went away screen.

The Deity Room chance mostly revolves around not taking reddish heart harm on the floor, so something similar to soul/black hearts may”protect” your devil deal.

Red hearts:

Red hearts are hearts which upon pickup refill your heart containers. There are 3 types of red hearts:

Half red hearts:

Refill half a heart container

Normal red hearts:

Refill one heart container

1+1 free hearts

Refill two heart containers

In Afterbirth+ there is also aScared Heart. It looks like a normal heart, but when you get close to it, it “runs” away

Soul Hearts:

This is the most fundamental and common”armor” heart you can get. It functions like a normal heart container but if it is drained you can not refill it .

Damage taken into these hearts doesn’t diminish your Deity Space chance.There’s also a half soul hub That Is Only a soul counterpart of this half red heart

Black Hearts:

A more useful cousin of the Soul Heart, the Dark Heart whenever it is emptied, prices damage to enemies in the room, otherwise it acts like a soul heart

Eternal Heart:

A rare heart That’s mostly found at the Cathedral Top Secret Rooms or simply randomly spawned

These hearts when brought safely into the end of the ground, provides an extra heart container on the next one. It is suggested to take the eternal heart after the boss fight or when you have a good deal of armor heart.

Golden Heart:

An even rarer heart which drops around 7 coins once it is”owner” heart is depleted. Any of those dropped coins can Become a nickel or a dime

Bone Heart:

An Afterbirth+ exclusive heart that’s an equivalent of 1.5 red hearts. After it’s drained it disappears. The Forgotten character begins with those hearts.


Coins Function as a currency in shops and gambling machines in The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth.

There are 5 types of coins in The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth


Adds 1 to money count

1+1 Free

Adds 2 to money count


Adds 5 to money count


Adds 10 to money count

There are alsolucky pennieswhich when picked up add 1 to the luck stat

There are alsoitemswhich add to money count, for example The Quarter


Bombs are pickups that are dropped by using E and explode after a short amount of time
Bomb explosions can be used to:

  • Destroy obstacles (except gaps, key blocks and metal blocks)
  • Damage enemies
  • Open doors and Secret Room entrances

Bombdamage,effectsandappearancecan be changed by certain items including:

  • Hot Bombs
  • Bob’s Curse
  • Mr. Mega
  • Butt Bombs
  • Glitter Bombs

There are only 3 types of bomb pickups in The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth

Normal bomb

Adds 1 to bomb count

1+1 Free Bomb

Adds 2 to bomb count

Golden Bomb

There are also troll bombs which can not be picked up and burst in a Brief Quantity of time

There’s also another troll bomb version, a super troll bomb, which has a bigger blast radius also follows the participant until it explodes.


Keys are pickups which allow to access some of the game’s room mostly shown as a door with a lock.

Unlike bombs there are 4 types of keys in The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth with one added in Afterbirth+

Normal key

Adds 1 to key count

1+1 Free Key

Adds 2 to key count

Golden Key

Grants access to infinite keys for the rest of the floor

Charged Key

Adds 1 to key count and charges your active item


Batteries are pickups which immediately recharge your busy item

Unlike any additional pickup, batteries aren’t any other variants.

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What is the latest version of The Binding of Isaac Rebirth? ›

Nintendo Switch

Three expansions have been released. Afterbirth and Afterbirth+, in October 2015 and January 2017, respectively, with more game content and gameplay modes; Afterbirth+ also added support for user-created content. The third, Repentance, was released in March 2021.

What is the best item in the binding of Isaac rebirth? ›

1 Brimstone

Possibly the most famous powerful Isaac item, the Brimstone changes your default tears into a large beam that must be charged first. The beam has spectral and piercing effects, and it excels at melting through multiple enemies at a time.

Does Genesis work with Tainted Cain? ›

Genesis: Tainted Cain can craft dozens of low-quality passive items and then use Genesis to gain much better items.

How do you get mega mush? ›

This requirement is having all of the hard mode completion marks on every character except for the non-tainted characters. This means that Mom's Heart or It Lives, Isaac, ???, Satan, The Lamb, Mega Satan, the Boss Rush, Hush, and Ultra Greed must be completed on hard mode at least once by most of the game's characters.

Will there be another DLC for TBOI? ›

The Repentance DLC is officially announced to include the Antibirth mod alongside a ton of other new content - Edmund affirms it is "the FINAL (for real this time) DLC for Isaac".

Which version of binding of Isaac is best? ›

The Binding of Isaac: Repentance is the ultimate version of Binding of Isaac, featuring all content from the Rebirth, Afterbirth and Afterbirth+ expansions, plus hundreds of new features and improvements. The ultimate edition of the genre-defining roguelike!”

What happens when you get 999 coins in binding of Isaac? ›

A total of 999 coins can be donated to the Donation Machine. If Isaac attempts to donate a 1000th coin, the Donation Machine will explode, resetting its total to 0 and dropping roughly 12 dimes.

How do you unlock Godhead in binding of Isaac rebirth? ›

To obtain "Godhead" you will only have to complete your post-it on hardmode as the Lost - it is not necessary to do so as any other character. (I have only completed Mom's Heart as everyone else in hardmode.)

Does Genesis remove Damocles? ›

Tainted Isaac: Damocles does not count toward his passive item count, and cannot be removed.

Can Tainted Eden reroll into birthright? ›

Birthright cannot be obtained by re-rolling into it; it must be bought the conventional way.

What does birthright do for Tainted Jacob? ›

Birthright Effects
Tainted ForgottenThe Soul gains the ability to recall the Forgotten to its current location.
Tainted BethanyBethany gains four powerful wisps with high health.
Tainted JacobEsau splits in two.
31 more rows
Nov 11, 2021

Is repentance the last Isaac update? ›

What is the last DLC for binding of Isaac? The third and final expansion, Repentance, was released in March 2021.

What version of binding of Isaac is on the switch? ›

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ - Nintendo Switch.

What is the Isaac Afterbirth plus update? ›

Posted on April 17, 2022 by Brian(@NE_Brian) in News, Switch. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ has been given a new 1.7 update on Switch, specifically for the Repentance DLC. This brings it line with the PC version of the game. A ton of gameplay changes as well as fixes are included.

How do I know what version of binding of Isaac I have? ›

Documents\My Games\Binding of Isaac (whatever your DLC)" does show the current version of the game after you run it once of course.

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