WoW Dragonflight 10.1 Tier Set Tier List (2023)

WoW Dragonflight 10.1 Tier Set Tier List - Ranking Best Tier Set & Bonus In Dragonflight Season 2

Dragonflight newest update has given us our very first glimpse at some of the upcoming powerful class tiers sets and bonuses arriving with this next major content upgrade, patch 10.1. What are the best tier sets to use in Dragonflight season 2? In this WOW Dragonflight 10.1 tier sets tier list, we’re ranking the 38 tier sets and bonuses from S Tier to D Tier.

Dragonflight Best Season 2 Tier Set - Dragonflight 10.1 Tier Sets Tier List & Ranking 2023

In Dragonflight season 2, tier sets are collections of armor items that are designed to be worn together in order to provide specific bonuses and abilities to players. These sets are typically associated with raid content and are considered to be some of the most powerful and sought-after gear in the game. Though for now, all of these bonuses are still a work in progress and many of these are planned to go through a variety of changes based on testing and shaped by the community's feedback. Now, let's check the best tier sets and bonuses in Dragonflight 10.1.

Dragonflight 10.1 Tier Sets Tier List

In this WOW Dragonflight season 2 tier sets tier list, we’regoing to rankthem based on how cool, rather than theirpower.

S Tier

-Blood DK

-Frost DK



A Tier



-Vengeance DH

-Restoration Druid






B Tier



-Protection Paladin

-Balance Druid


-Survival Hunter

-Fire Mage



-Guardian Druid


C Tier

-Feral Druid

-Unholy DK



-Havoc DH

-Beast MasteryHunter



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D Tier

-Arcane Mage


Explain Dragonflight 10.1 Tier Sets Ranking

Death Knight

Blood Death Knight

  • 2 setbonus: Heartstrike and blood boil heal 20%increase damage and have a 10% chance to grant that blood for 5 seconds.

  • 4 setbonus:When you would gainvan blood you were infused with vampiricstrength granting you 10%strength for5seconds.Your heart strike and bloodboil extend the duration of vampstrength by 0.5 seconds.

This tier set seemsreally cool and gives usshades ofseason 3 orseason 4Shadowlands. Blood death knight where you're focusingon maintaining and upkeeping acooldown for a while.We’regoing to put it upin the S tier. Becausegetting strength during your cooldownis strong,it's a defensive and offensivebonus.Heartstrike and blood boil doingmore damage are always great.You should actually have prettyhigh uptime on vamp blood with this.

Frost Death Knight

  • 2set bonus: Howlingblast and frost fever damage,so that isyour dot you put outincreased by 10%. Your rime-empoweredhowling blastsreduce the cooldown of frostwyrm’s furyby 2seconds.

  • 4set bonus: After consuming rhyme 15 times,you calldown frostwyrm’s fury on your target at 100%effectiveness.

So basicallyyour rhyme empowered procs which happenpretty often produced your dragon by2seconds. After you do it 15 times, you just blast a dragon at them.frostwyrm’s fury is the big strafing dragon run,is one ofthe coolest parts of frostas well as an absolutely sick ability. This is also one of the best Dragonflight tier sets 10.1. You'll be blasting out dragons allover the place.

Unholy Death Knight

  • 2 set bonus: death coiland epidemic damage increased by 10%. Casting death coil or epidemic grants a stack of master of death. At 20 stacks, master of death is consumed and you gain 15% Mastery for 20 seconds.

  • 4 set bonus: When death coil orepidemic consumes sudden doom gain two stacks of Master of death or increase the mastery bonus to 25% for 5 seconds.

As for two set,basically every 20death coilor epidemic yougain 15 mastery for 20 seconds which isgood for Unholy.The 4setis whenever you consume the proc yougain2stacks of master of death or ifthis were to proc,it you'll get 25mastery for 5seconds.

Demon Hunter

Havoc Demon Hunter

  • 2 set bonus: Every 200 fury you spend, gain seething fury, increasing your agility by 8% for 6 seconds.

  • 4 set bonus: Each time you gain seething fury, gain 15 fury and the damage of your next eye beam is increased by 12%, stacking up to 5 times.

This setis weird aswell because there are threedifferent values for all these numbers. The one in the game is 160 fury you gain 20, it increases by 20%. But then whenever you actually use thetier set,each stack only increaseseye beam damage by 10%.We're just goingoff of the phase value blue post herefor now until we get an updateabout how that'll work. Thistier setis boring.

Vengeance Demon Hunter

  • 2 set bonus: Soul fragments heal for 10% more and generating a soul fragment increases your Fire damage by 2% for 6 seconds. Multiple applications may overlap.

  • 4 set bonus: Shear and fracture deal fire damage. After consuming 20 soul fragments, your next cast of shear or fracture applies fiery brand to its target for 6 seconds.

This setis much better, it'snotincredibly sick like the twodeath knight ones up there,but a lotof your damages vengeance is going to befire,the two biggest sources that weren'twere fracture and sheer,yourmain builder.But those will deal fire damage withthe fourset.Overall,this is not an S-tier tier set,it’s still pretty cool. Thefact that increases fire damage makes youdo fire damageand gives you a fierybrand which increases your fire damage.


Balance Druid

2 set bonus: Sunfire radius increased by 2 yards. Sunfire, moonfire, andshooting stars damage increased by 18%.

4 set bonus:Shooting stars have a 20% chance to instead call down a crashing star, dealing (72% of attackpower) astral damage to the target and generating 5 astral power.

This is boring,but it's not as boring as Unholy DK and Havoc DH.Because actual power generation justmakes you do your irritation more.

Feral Druid

  • 2 set bonus: Your auto-attacks have a chance to grant shadows of the predator, increasing your agility by 1%. Each application past 5 has an increasing chance to reset to 2 stacks.

  • 4 set bonus:When a shadow of the predatorapplication reset stacks, you gain 5% increased agility and you generate 1 combo point every 1.5 seconds for 6 seconds.

Passive agility is good, karma pointgeneration seems good for feral.It justseems boring butpowerfulagility is a great thing to increase.The randomly increasing chance toreset stacks seems pretty bad,wedon't know how high that'll reset and then you need it to reset for thesecond procter trigger,so we'regoing toputthis down in C-Tier as well.

Guardian Druid

  • 2 set bonus:When you take damage, mangle, and thrash damage and rage generation are increased by 15% for 8 seconds and you heal for 6% of damage taken over 8 seconds.

  • 2 set bonus:Maul/raze damage increased by 20% and casting ironfur or maul/raze increases your maximum health by 3% for 12 seconds, stacking 5 times.

This is the first mid tank onewe've gotten.Obviously increasingrage generation healing and increase indamage whenever you take damage, you're a tank so you're going to be taking advantage.This Dragonflight WoW season 2 tier setseems decentall raised damage increased by 20%,which kindof pushes you towards the race talentand AOE.Increasing your maxhealth is fine,FeralDruids used to bejust these max health spongesand that's kind of stopped.So you canget 15 extra max health,that is not anegligible amount,but it's not anythingcrazy.

Restoration Druid

  • 2 set bonus: Rejuvenation and lifebloom healing increased by 15%. Regrowth healing over time increased by 75%.

  • 4 set bonus:Flourish increases the rate of your healing over time effects by 40% for an additional 16 seconds after it ends. Verdant infusion causes your swiftmend target to gain 15% increased healing from you for 6 seconds.


Theduration of the four piece flourishbonus has is flourish is cast byconvoke the spirits. This Dragonflight tier set phase 2 seems strong, so you're going touse your flourish everyminute and a half just as Druidanywaysfor raid healing,even for dungeons. Getting those to heal over time a hexto kill for an additional 40%rate or16 seconds after it ends is reallystrong.Whenever you cast convoke if youget a baby flourish and gettingit for 40%for 8seconds also seemsstrong.This is a solid tier set in phase 2 Dragonflight.



  • 2 set bonus:Disintegrate and pyre pierce enemies with obsidian shards, dealing 12% of damage done as volcanic damage over 8 seconds.

  • 4 set bonus:Empower spells deal 8% increased damage and cause the obsidian shards to become supercharged, dealing 200% more damage for 5 seconds. During dragonrage, shards are always supercharged.

This is agreat tier set due tothe fact that youget to just shoot your targetsfull of shards that deal damage.Then during dragonrage,they do aton more damage and then every new cashturnpowers spell they deal more damagetoo,seems pretty fun and interesting. This would bereally strong in AOE too because pyrewill pierce all enemies and hitswith it.


  • 2 set bonus: Spiritbloom applies a heal over time effect for 40% of healing done over 8 seconds. Dream breath’s healing is increased by 15%.

  • 2 set bonus: After casting 3 empower spells, gain essence burst immediately and another 3 seconds later.

This isnot greatat all.Spiritbloom doesn't hitmany targets,dream breath healing that'sa lot of your healing,so that'll be apretty strong healing increase.The two set is just passive generichealing,the four setis just a veryminorlittle effect that doesn't seem thatpowerful.


Beast MasteryHunter

  • 2 set bonus: Cobra shot and kill commanddamage increased by 15%.

  • 4 set bonus: Cobra shot, kill command, and multi-shot reduce the cooldown of bestial wrath by 1 second.

Now we're unsure if multiple hittingmoves like multi-shot hitting multipletargetsovershot hitting multipletargets with an aspect of the wild or both your pets using kill commandwill double dip. So basically this just makes you havebestial wrath way more often,which youalready have really often so you'regoing tohavebestial a ton.Having more cooldowns is cool, but Beast Mastery’s cooldown is kind of isboring, to begin with.


  • 2 set bonus:Arcane shot/chimerashot and multi-shot deal 10% increased damage and have an 8% chance to grant you the deathblow effect.

  • 4 set bonus: Kill shotdamage increased by 15%, and kill shotreduces the cooldown of rapid fire and aimed shot by 0.5 seconds.

We'regoing to put this one downto the C-Tier on this Dragonflight patch 10.1 tier sets tier listbutit's a little better thanBMprobably a Havoc too.Basically,it givesyou a kill shotproc andwhenever you use a kill shot, you get halfa second off.Procs are at least alittle bit interesting,proc gameplayspices up the rotation a bit.But 0.5 seconds isembarrassing,that's so low.

Survival Hunter

  • 2 set bonus:Wildfire bomb damage increased by 10% and throwing a wildfire bomb increases the damage of your next kill command by 50%.

  • 4 set bonus: Every 25 focusyou spend reduces the cooldown of wildfire bombby 1 second.

Survival ends upactually in the B-Tier becauseit providesa nice little loop with the throwing of thebombs and reducing the bomb's cooldown. Bombs themselves don't have that longof a cooldown, to begin with.You useyour butchery,it goes down by 5 seconds. Then whenever you actually usebutchery,you spend focus which actually ends up producing more.


Arcane Mage

  • 2 set bonus:Arcane surge increases spell damage by an additional 5% and its duration is increased by 3 seconds.

  • 4 set bonus:For every 20,000 manaspent during the arcane surge, your spell damage is increased by 1% for 12 seconds after arcane surge fades, stacking up to 30 times.

You actually cannot cleavearcane barrage between the big spidersand the actual boss,because the boss'shitbox is really big and messeswith the actual spell.This doesn'treally do anything for Arcane, all of your damage goes during arcanesurge anyways.It lasted an extra 3seconds and ispretty minor as well.So getting spelldamage after the arcane surge is prettyinconsequential because all of yourdamage during the arcane surge. It's a very small increase so we're going toput it down in the D-Tier.

Fire Mage

  • 2 set bonus: Phoenix Flames applies charring embers to all enemies it damages, increasing their damage taken from you by 6% for 10 seconds.

  • 4 set bonus:When your direct damage spells hit an enemy affected by charringembers 30 times, gain hyperthermia for 6 seconds.

Hypothermia is the talent that basicallylets you instant cast iron blast and Flamestrike for 5seconds. So whenever you hit it 30 times you canthen just kind of spam out flame strikesor pyroblasts.There are a few issuesthis tier set, the first flame strike doesn't proc it, andfire now doesn't use flame strikeat all and it's certainly an issue forsome players.Givinghyperthermia for sixseconds is pretty cool,just being ableto instantspam cast pyroblast andflame strikes.It’s a B Tier tier set, it's that interesting but getting those instant castspyroblasts and flame strikes was prettycool.


  • 2 set bonus: Flurry and frostbolt damage increased by 20%. Flurry causes an explosion on impact, dealing 50% of its damage to nearby enemies, with damage reduced beyond 5 targets.

  • 4 set bonus: Casting ice lance on a frozen target has an 8% chance to trigger brain freeze.

We'regoing to put this up in B Tieras wellfor this WOW Dragonflight tier sets phase 2 ranking. It's cool that flurry deals explosion-like radius damage. That's a fine two-piece bonusbut the four-set bonus is boring it doesgive you more flurries which in turn gives you moreice lances on frozen targets.



  • 2 set bonus:Blackout kick damage increased by 20%. You have a 10% chance to not reset your elusive brawlerstacks on a successful dodge.

  • 4 set bonus:Rising sun kick grants a stack of elusive brawlers. When you dodge, damage and critical strike chance of your next Blackout Kick or rising sun kick are increased by 5%, stacking up to 5 times.

This belongs to C-Rank on our Dragonflight tier set tier list patch 10.1.The thingwith Brewmaster is there are tons oftimes when there's like a spellcasterboss that you can't dodge anyways. A10%chance to reset yourbrawling stat to not reset yourchance to dodge is fine or at best,a dodge basedtier setis going tobe the best for them. The fourset bonus also kind of is a weird thingwhere you want to use your thingson risingsun kick,but you need blackoutkick for your rotation.


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  • 2 set bonus:Renewing mists have a chance to grant soulfang infusion, granting 5% of your maximum manaover 6 seconds.

  • 4 set bonus:Drinking a Tea or gaining soulfang infusionincreases the healing of your vivifyand renewing mists by 40% for 6 seconds.

This is B-Tier tier set.Getting manais really good for themand they drink teas and they'llget soulfang infusionpretty often itseems.So it'll be a nice healing bonus, and it'll be a nicemanagain which in turnis a ton of healing for Mistweaver, they do have manaissues. Nothing too crazy,nothing too boring. So sitting right in the middleon this Dragonflight season 2 tier set ranking 10.1.


  • 2 set bonus:Rising sun kick deals increased damage and have a chance to go nova, dealing fire damage to all enemies within 8 yards.

  • 4 set bonus:Your melee auto-attacks have a chance to launch a shadowflame spirit at your enemy that duplicates your next 3 abilities at X% effectiveness.

Thisis one of the Dragonflight season 2 best tier set.You would love foryourabilities togo nova and deal AOE damage.The four set bonusislaunching a spirit at your enemy thatduplicates your next abilities is alsoreally cool.



  • 2 set bonus:Holy shock’s critical strikes heal for 15% more and reduce the cooldown of light’s hammer by 2 seconds and Holy Prism by 1 second.

  • 4 set bonus:Light’s Hammer heals 100% more frequently and generates 1 holy power every 4 seconds. Holy prism’s healing is increased by 80% and it generates 1 Holy power if cast on an enemy target, or 3 if cast on an ally.

Anything thatgivesrotationalresources fora spec is pretty nice.We'll put it up in B-Tier. Gettingall these resources just allowsyou to be more of a Holy Paladin,so nothing too crazy.

Protection Paladin

  • 2 set bonus:Avenger’s shield causes targets struck to burn with heartfire, dealing an additional 20% of damage dealt over 5 seconds. Heartfire heals you for 100% of the damage it deals.

  • 4 set bonus:Judgment critical strikes can trigger grand crusader.

The two set isreally cool that sounds fun,but the four set is boring. Judgment critical strikers and grand crusader will give youmore shields,but it's a boring way ofdoing it.Any four piece that'slike six lines,isn't that interesting.


  • 2 set bonus: Judgment and hammer of wrath deal 10% increased damage and 20% increased critical strike damage.

  • 4 set bonus: Judgment increases the damage enemies take from your holy power spenders by an additional 5%. The hammer of wrath applies judgment to enemies.

Thisis boring too, kind of a passive bonus to whatRet’salready doing,doesn't changeanything too much.Basically, you'regoing tobe doing a lot more holy powerspenders during your wins becauseyou get hammer of wrath.



  • 2 set bonus: Casting penance on an enemy also heals a nearby injured ally at 20% effectiveness. Casting penance on an ally also damages a nearby enemy at 35% effectiveness.

  • 4 set bonus: Every 3 casts of penance grants you shadow covenant for 5 seconds and converts that penance to a shadow spell.

Shadow covenant is a really coolability that gives you that big burst andthen increases your shadow damage.As a Priest,a lot of yourdamaging spells are actually shadowdamage.Thetwo setbonusis also finebecauseit gives you a duality of penance. Whenever you deal damage,you heal alittle bit as well.Then every three penances are prettyoften,it's a short cooldowngiving you more shadow covenant thatdeals more damage and converts thatthird penance to a shadow spell.Thisisgoing to be a verystrongtierset.


  • 2 set bonus: Prayer of mending has a 20% chance to duplicate to another nearby target when it jumps.

  • 4 set bonus: When prayer of mending jumps, it increases the damage and healing of your next holy word by 4%, stacking up to 15 times.

Prayer of mendingis a pretty strong healing ability.But we'll put itdown in B-Tier becauseit's just nothingreally ties it together.When it jumps, you get more damage and healing butthat doesn't really impact you.Getting more prayers is cool but the four set lets this tier set down on the cool factor.


  • 2 set bonus:When consuming shadowy Insight, mind blast deals 60% increased damage and generates 4 additional Insanity.

  • 4 set bonus:Every 400 insanity spent summons shadowfiend/mindbender for 5 seconds.

This would be an A Tier tier set becausethis works together pretty well as you spend your insanity,yousummon your little guy, and someone yourlittle guy gives you more insanity.Samewith a twoset, it'ssynergistic with each other which isreally good for Shadow.400 is really high that'seight casts of devouring plague but you get that pretty often.



  • 2 set bonus: Rupture and crimson tempestdeal an additional 33% damage as nature.

  • 4 set bonus: When deathmarkexpires, nature damage you deal is increased by 40% for 30 seconds.

This is pretty cool,sowhenever you convert your damage tosomething else, your bleeds are buffed ingeneral.Then having them deal with naturemeans that shiv increases the damage.Deathmark expires basicallyhas all yourdots and all your poisons duplicated on yourtarget.It goes away and then you justramp up that nature damage.30 seconds isa long time,it's pretty cool, and it's a passive bonus.Turning into nature is really good forAssassination.


  • 2 set bonus: Damage you inflict applies a soulrip, dealing 5% of all damage you deal as physical damage over 8 seconds.

  • 4 set bonus: Between the eyes unleashes all soulrips, dealing 200% of all remaining damage and granting 7% agility for 15 seconds.

This is really strong and it seemslike a really cool interplay.It's verypassive but the way they phrase it and the way it works togetheris pretty cool.You can kind oframp all your damage and then unleash abig between the highs which just ripsall those souls into one big hit, that's pretty cool.

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  • 2 set bonus: Shadow dance grants you symbols of death for 10 seconds and extends the duration of rupture by 4 seconds.

  • 4 set bonus: Symbols of death increases the critical strike damage of eviscerate and black powder by 15%.

It's boring.It's giving you a cool down iscoolbut honestly, it doesn't read cool.



  • 2 set bonus: Gain stormkeeperevery 40 seconds.

  • 4 set bonus: For 8 seconds after you consume stormkeeper, your lightning bolt, lava burst, icefury, and frost shock generate 100% more maelstrom, and your chain lightning, lava beam, and earthquake critical strike damage is increased by 20%.

This is one of the best WOW Dragonflight tier sets 10.1. Gaining storm keeper is reallycool.Whenever you gain a cooldown, that's a really big benefit. More generation is fun andyou'll get your stormkeeper every minute and then every 40seconds because of the two set bonus.


  • 2 set bonus: Sundering increases your mastery by 12% for 15 seconds.

  • 4 set bonus: When sundering hits a single target, you deal 30% increased physical damage for 15 seconds. When sundering strikes 2 or more targets, your next chain lightning deals 50% increased damage and refunds 100% of maelstrom weapon stacks consumed.

We'regoing toput it in the B-Tier.Becausethefirst one is just boring.Obviously,more mastery is strong,it's good butit's not very interesting. Thesecond part is interesting whenever ithits a single target,you deal morephysically.Whenever it hits multipletargets,you deal more elemental.Thoseare the two builds for enhancement rightnow.It plays well into bothbuilds.


  • 2 set bonus: when you cast healing rain, all allies with your riptide on them are healed by tidewatersfor (140% of Spell Power).

  • 4 set bonus: Each ally healed by tidewatersincreases your haste by 1% for 6 seconds and increases the healing of your next riptide by 10%.

This is pretty cool, liking the raid with riptides and thencasting healing rain,getting a ton ofhealing,a ton of haste, and a ton ofincreasing your next riptide.Apretty fun play style worth trying.



  • 2 set bonus: Vile taint cooldown reduced by 5 seconds and phantom singularity cooldown reduced by 12 seconds. Vile taint and phantom singularity damage.

  • 4 set bonus: Enemies damaged by phantom singularity gain infirmity for its duration and enemies damaged by vile taint gain Infirmity for 10 seconds, increasing damage taken by 10%.

This is in the B Tier. Gaining infirmity is cool,but the fact that passive damage increase is alittle boring.It's not that bad,could be strong but it seemed a littlepassive.Because you're just going tobe using phantom singularity and vile taintrotationally. Reducing the cooldowns is pretty coolthough,it's a big damage increase.


  • 2 set bonus: Demonbolt damage increased by 15%. Consuming a Demonic Core reduces the cooldown of grimoire: felguard by 1 second.

  • 4 set bonus: Grimoire: felguard deals 40% additional damage and empowers your active demons, increasing their damage done by 20% while active.


  • 2 set bonus:Channel demonfire bolts, immolate, and incinerate have a 20% chance to fire an additional channel demonfire bolt.

  • 4 set bonus: After casting 15 demonfire bolts, your next demonfire bolt deals (103% of spell power) Shadowflame damage to the target and (35% of spell power) shadowflame damage to enemies within 8 yards.

This one's pretty cool.Channel demonfire is a really funability for Destruction,so getting more extra channel demonfire bolts is pretty cool,then every 15you do,your next one deals more damageand does a little bit of AOE.It's passive but you're justsending out more.Fire bolts are a cool-lookingthing and are an extrabonus to make this tier setcooler.



  • 2 set bonus:Deep wounds increase your chance to critically strike and critical strike damage dealt to afflicted targets by 10%.

  • 4 set bonus:Deep wounds critical strikes have a chance to increase the damage of your next slam by 25%, stacking 10 times, and cause it to strike up to 4 additional targets for 50% damage.

This is a B-Tier Set,but this is a nice way to end up giving you a coollittle incentive to tie into slamrotationally.Having a new AOE is cool too and thendeep wounds increasing your crit chanceand damage is nice because crit for Armsis strong because you get more rage. However,the slam itself is just a boring button.


  • 2 set bonus:Rampage damage and a chance to critically strike increased by 10%.

  • 4 set bonus:Rampage critical strikes against your primary target cause your next bloodthirst to deal 50% increased damage and generate 2 additional Rage, stacking up to 4 times. It also has a 100% chance of a critical strike.

This isboring,it's just kind of a really passiveone.


  • 2 set bonus:Shield slam deals 15% increased damage and reduces the cooldown of the last stand by 0.5 seconds. During the last stand, these effects are doubled.

  • 4 set bonus: For 10 seconds after the last standends, the shield slam unleashes a wave of force dealing damage to enemies in front of you and reduces the damage they deal to you by 5% for 5 seconds.

We’re going to put it on the A tier. Givingshield slam an AOE component isreally cool and really nice.Other than that,reducing cooldowns isalways a fun way of gettingan agency irritation,and feeling your tier set actually affected. Shield slam is really strong too,sohaving it radiates damage andtakes less damage.It is a nicelittle bonus andthis is apretty cool tier set.

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What is the rogue 10.1 tier set bonus? ›

Tier Set Bonus Gameplay Changes for Subtlety Rogue

The Rogue Subtlety 10.1 Class Set 2pc, simply put, just acts as a cast of Symbols of Death with a duration of 6 seconds. This cast gives you all the benefits a regular cast of Symbols of Death does.

Will tier sets work in Dragonflight? ›

With Patch 9.2, tier sets made their return and with them, the devs introduced a new concept—the Creation Catalyst (now called the Revival Catalyst), which allows you to transform any piece of your gear into a tier set piece. Tier gear in Dragonflight is obtainable through any source.

What is the best tier class in Dragonflight? ›

Fire Mage. Fire is a spec that is at the top of A-Tier. Their damage on AOE is some of the highest in the game, and a well played Fire Mage can easily top overall in dungeons.

How do you get unlimited diamonds on Dragonflight? ›

Though it can be bought and sold at the auction house, the best way to get Illimited Diamonds is to start prospecting ores in the Dragon Isles.

How much honor needed for full set Dragonflight? ›

How much Honor do I need for a full set in Dragonflight PvP Season 2? The cost of the Honor PvP set with an item level of 437, which is typically referred to as the "PvP Season Set," is required 10,850 Honor Points in World of Warcraft.

What is the Death Knight 10.1 set bonus? ›

2-Set - Death Knight Blood 10.1 Class Set 2pc - Heart Strike and Blood Boil deal 20% bonus damage. At all times, Heart Strike and Blood Boil casts have a 10% chance to grant you Vampiric Blood for 5 seconds.

What is the Tier 0 set that is meant for rogues? ›

The Tier 0 set is an armour set consisting of items dropped by the bosses of various max-level dungeons, including Stratholme and LBRS. The Rogue's set is known as the Shadowcraft Armor.

When did 10.1 release? ›

The WoW 10.1 release date is 2nd May 2023 in the USA, or 3rd May if you are playing on EU servers.

What is the most efficient way to level in Dragonflight? ›

Completing Quests. Questing is a major part of the game. It has always been the best leveling method if you are playing solo. While completing quests, you not only get XP and quest-reward items but also explore the world around you.

Is leveling easier in Dragonflight? ›

In World of Warcraft's Dragonflight, players can unlock the ability to ride dragons to make leveling up their characters faster and easier. This feature can be unlocked by completing approximately 30 minutes of questing in The Waking Shores, making it a quick and accessible addition to the game.

Do you need rep in Dragonflight? ›

Dragonflight Renown System

Unlike previous expansions, players won't need to grind reputation as before, but rather, Blizzard has implemented a new and familiar system called “renown.” Although this system was first introduced in the Shadowlands expansion, it was considered by many to be raw and unfinished.

What is the most op class in Dragonflight? ›

Demonology Warlock - Warlocks are well known for their excellent utility, overall tankiness, and good damage. But the Demonology's spec damage is not only extremely high (one of the best in the game for now), this spec also can do both AoE and single-target damage and doing so really well.

What is the strongest DPS class in Dragonflight? ›

Dragonflight DPS Rankings
Spec / ClassMax. DPSMedian DPS
Augmentation Evoker Go to Augmentation Evoker Guide156.78K136.44K (90%)
Elemental Shaman Go to Elemental Shaman Guide136.04K135.40K (89%)
Demonology Warlock Go to Demonology Warlock Guide142.87K134.01K (88%)
Shadow Priest Go to Shadow Priest Guide145.83K134.01K (88%)
21 more rows
5 days ago

What is the least played DPS in Dragonflight? ›

If you go by Mythic+ numbers, the least played spec is Survival Hunters followed closely by Assassination Rogues. I probably see survival hunters, ret paladins and assassination rogues the least. DPS druids are also fairly scarce. A tie between Elemental Shaman and Brewmaster Monk.

How do you get elite set in Dragonflight? ›

One of the rewards for each PvP season in World of Warcraft Dragonflight is an elite set for transmog. To receive this reward, you must reach 1800 in the 2v2 or 3v3 rated arena or rated battlegrounds.

How do you get the warlock tier set in Dragonflight? ›

The Warlock tier set tokens drop from bosses in the Vault of the Incarnates raid. Alternatively, you can create them through the Inspiration Catalyst 6 weeks after Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 1 begins. You can also find the set pieces in the Great Vault weekly chest. 2.

How do you get season 1 tier sets in Dragonflight? ›

For raiders, the Tier Set pieces or tokens will drop from Bosses in the Vault of the Incarnates Raid. Players who choose to focus on Mythic+ or PvP activities can acquire pieces through the Great Vault, and players who prefer to complete World content will be able to use the Revival Catalyst to acquire theirs.

How do you get the warrior tier set in Dragonflight? ›

How to Acquire your Fury Warrior Tier Set Bonus in Dragonflight Season 2. Tier Sets can be acquired in three distinct ways: Raiding - dropped by specific bosses in the Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible. Great Vault - obtained by all activities that give Great Vault rewards, including raiding, Mythic+, and PvP.


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